Tuesday, November 13, 2018

View From The Bridge 11/14/18

By Muncie

No getting away from it. The snow and cold has kept me inside for almost a week now. I did get out one afternoon to play Bingo at the Golden Age Center On the upside is the forecast for this week. It is supposed to be up in the 50’s by the end of the week. I can handle it until then.

The other hardship for most of my older friends is that it begins getting dark by 5:00 p.m. and is completely dark by 5:30. You would think that I would be used to it after all the years I have dealt with it.   However, I make a promise here that I will not mention it again.

There are actually many events going on. Be sure to check out the Community Calendar and keep busy.

In the next couple of weeks there is a fund raiser for Allie Wallace, Turkey Bingo, Pinochle at the Sunrise Bluffs, a City Council meeting to discuss the deer population, Bingo at the Golden Age Senior Center, Adult Education classes, and no school for the Students on the 16th, 21st thru the 23rd in case the Kiddos forgot to tell you. I know that you will not want to miss any of those events. So, keep busy, volunteer if you can, because I am told it keeps you younger.

Talking about Bingo reminds me to mention for a “Grand Return” to those of you who made Thursday afternoons Bingo game at the Senior Center a happening.

There used to be a nice crowd of players and it has now swindled to 4 to 6 people that make it a regular event. Is there more to do in the winter season than there is in the summer? Let me know if you have the solution.

It is a nice break in the week and is not very expensive. Cards are just $1.00 and extra change is thrown into a basket for the black-out game. There always seems to be treats that players bring in but is not necessary to play.

Please come and join a great group of dedicated, interesting players and enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

11-11-18 AT THE 11TH HOUR
I just returned from the Club House where I was treated to a Chili Feed, corn bread, and salad. It was a great turnout because so many people showed up at Veterans Way to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the end of WWI. Yes, it was cold and snowing but all I could think of was about those brave men who withstood even colder and snowier conditions. If you followed the WWI stories by Ken Robison in the River Press it made you realize those men and women who gave their lives for your freedom. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars and just think about what has happened since.

Thank you for a lovely celebration today to the VFW and the American Legion of Fort Benton. Thank you to those who made the monument that has the names of those who gave their lives from Chouteau County in that war to end all wars.

A correction about the monument that is presently being planned. I said that it was to honor the Vietnam Veterans and I should have said that it was for the Warriors of the 21st Century.

When you read this it will be a little over one week until Thanksgiving Day. The days are flying by. We have so much to be thankful for so be happy and spread your happiness all around you.
I will say Happy Thanksgiving now. I don’t know if you will be able to go across the river and through the woods in the snow. It is supposed to warm up by the end of this week and the snow may be gone. Whatever the circumstance, have a happy, wonderful day.

Just two weeks and a couple of days later will be the looked forward to Country Christmas. Plans have been in the works for a long while and it will be a Hallmark Christmas. I look forward to this celebration every year because everyone is enjoying themselves. There is a lot of joy and expressions of love and caring. The children are so excited and it spreads all around.

The schedule will be in the River Press next week and copies in the businesses. Be sure to walk Front Street first and then over to the Ag Center. Those of you in the other towns around Chouteau County know where you have to go. Enjoy yourselves and get all of your shopping finished early. Waiting until the last minute is so frustrating or at least it used to be for me. Somehow shopping seems easier when done close by. Yes, that is the answer. SHOP LOCAL. Yes, the economy is booming but not for the rural areas where people are ordering on line and having it delivered to their homes. So, get out and SHOP LOCAL. Get to know your business on a personal level. I feel completely at home when I go into a local business and am greeted by name and helped through the whole process.

Yes, the days are flying by and before you blink an eye Christmas and New Year will be over. Then the memories will have to sustain us through January, February and March. Let’s make it together with a visit or a phone call. Happy Holidays!

I stopped in to visit the new “Leather Man” on Front Street. That is my name for him. His real name is Layne Schara and his business is leather crafting-. We had a chat and his trade is a lost art. If you are in need of anything made of leather, he is your man. He has customers from all over the world and he must have many stories to tell. I will visit again for that reason.