Tuesday, December 6, 2011

View From The Bridge 12/7/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

What a wonderful Christmas gift the Chouteau County Performing Arts presented to Chouteau County last Sunday afternoon in arranging the concert. The musicians and the program were first class and brought musical pleasure to one hundred forty five (145) people. I was a little disappointed that there were not more children there, as it was advertised as a family program. They would have been exposed to classical music and classic harp (there were actually three different style harps,) a violin, and piano. There were other instruments made by our own Wayne Hampton that included a hammer dulcimer, a guitar, and a banjo. They were all included in the performance. An accordion made an appearance and I am guessing that young children have probably never heard of or seen an accordion. The cookies (made by the members of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Fort Benton,) hot cocoa and cider were delicious and really hit the spot, as it was a perfect wintry day. It had snowed about ½ an inch and was quite chilly. The performance ended with a visit from, I am sure, the real Santa Claus. I now “BELIEVE...” He was a jolly old elf and kept us laughing with a poem that he wrote about himself. Hope you enjoy it as much as we all did.

There was a neat poem written about me nearly 190 years ago…it’s even older than this wonderful town. I thought I’d update it just a bit for this special occasion:

Tis three weeks until Christmas, and I just gotta say,
No group celebrates better than C.C.P.A.
With Rudy and Gail, Julie, Peter and Molly,
Your start to the holidays has been super jolly
Now that we’re steeped in the season’s tradition,
It’s time for ol’ Santa to give you a rendition.
Of my plan to come back here in just twenty one days,
With gifts for the kids piled high in my sleigh.
Boys and girls will be nestled all snug in their beds.
Dreams of Ipods and Kindles (and all kinds of other
High tech wizardry that I can’t figure out…but they can.)
All kinds of gizmos and toys twirlin’ round in their heads.
I’ll fly in from the north, that’s my usual route.
I vector in on the Fort Benton Golf course,
Because it’s about the most visible landmark,
For this great little town.
Denver air traffic control radios,
That I can start letting down.
My sleigh needs a tune up and might raise up a clatter,
So feel free to spring from your bed to see what’s the matter.
Go ahead! Raise up your window, tear it clean off the sash.
If you’ve got home-owner’s insurance, you’re covered for that.
Then what to your wondering eyes will appear
But…well…me and my nine trusty reindeer.
Of course, I’m the pilot since I’m lively and quick,
But I let Rudolph navigate, cuz you know it’s a trick.
To get to millions of houses in one single night,
To weight and balance those gifts and still have a safe flight.
For landins and take-offs, I’m at the top of my game
Here’s my pre-landing checklist: Whistle (check,) Shout (check,)
Call each reindeer by name (Check…Check.)
Way to go, Rudolph, keep us on track,
Hey, Dasher and Dancer, ease your throttles back!!
Sync up your air speed, Pracer and Vixen,
On Comet, on Cupid, on Donder…
(By the way, his name is Donder…it’s not Donner…
He gets quite petulant when somebody calls him Donner.)
On Donder and Blitzen.”
I’ll line up on your house tops, Circle down toward the rooves,
Then lower my landing gear…thirty six hooves.
Get those hooves pumpin’ we’re over the town,
O.K. trim’er back easy…let’s put this sleight down.
(Proudly…another perfect multi-hoof, dual runner landing.)
When you in amazement turn away from the sash,
Don’t be alarmed when I perform my usual routine,
Of coming down the chimney with a crash.
No, I’m not hurt, it’s what I do for a living,
And the padding I tote makes the falls more forgiving.
And don’t look so stunned when I slip thru the flue,
If I suck in my tummy, it’s easy to do.
Sure, I’m chubby and plump, it’s the cookies, you know.
That I eat with my mouth drawn up like a bow..
With my twinkly eyes and my dimply cheeks,
I’ll convince you and ma not to call the police.
Then, since I’m a professional, I’ll go straight to my tasks,
Fill up all the stockings, and eat all the snacks.
(Wanta really thank the kids for leaving those…always leave Santa a cookie or two with milk..low fat of course.).

It was all “football” last Saturday for the State of Montana. All three teams were winners. (Please note that I put everything in alphabetical order. It is a quirk of mine. I did notice however, that the Great Falls Tribune also did that very thing with the teams names.) I had to miss “Country Christmas” to go to Helena. I am a Saint you know. I have a grandson, Bryan Graupmann No. 96 (Defensive Back,) who is a red-shirt freshman and has been able to play on his special team. It was quite a game and now the Saints are on their way to Rome, Georgia. It was neat, the way they immediately began playing “Georgia, Georgia, You’re on my mind,” the minute the game ended. The announcer told us during the whole game what the scores were for the Bobcats and the Griz. There was a whole lot of screaming going on for those teams too. So, we move on with more football to be played. I wonder if the Bobcats and the Griz will play again. It is a possibility and wouldn’t that be a great game to watch. Go Bobcats. Go Griz. Go Saints.

A real success in every phase of the weekend. Everyone I talked with said it was a perfect celebration of the holidays. I’ll get more information for next week as to some of the happenings.

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home even when you wish they were.

There are so many concerts, activities, meetings, and events going on in the next couple of weeks. Watch your River Press for the announcements. I would be happy to put them in the View if you would call me. I am in the book. Take things slow and easy…rushing causes accidents. Do a good deed every day especially at this time of year. There are many, many hungry people in the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS, MONTANA, CHOUTEAU COUNTY, OUR TOWNS AND EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF. BUY AMERICAN AND SHOP LOCALLY.