Tuesday, May 10, 2011

View From The Bridge 5/11/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Another year has rolled around and the Class of 2011 will be on its way to making this world a better place to live in. Most of this years graduating class were babies when I moved to Fort Benton. Now you are adults and ready to take on the task of deciding what you want to do with your lives. There are so many choices and opportunities that it boggles my mind. I congratulate each of you and my best wishes for your continued success. Always remember where you came from and be proud. No matter where you finally settle, Fort Benton will always be home.

What a strange day we had on Saturday the 7th. Overcast, sunshine, blue sky, white puffy clouds, loud claps of thunder, rain, sunshine, and 70 degrees. The lilacs are finally budded out; the grass is green, and ready to be cut.

A big celebration is coming up at the Benton Pharmacy on Friday, May 13th Chris Halko’s annual “Jimmy Buffett” party will be an all day affair from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Put on your best Hawaiian dress or shirt and come on over for refreshments and on the menu with be a Hawaiian fruit tray, nachos, and mocktails. There will also be Hawaiian music by Jimmy Buffett, of course.

In fact, you are not limited to one visit. Come by two or three times to see which of your friends will be there celebrating. It is a fun time so take a break in your busy workday to enjoy life.

If Chris is not too busy, perhaps he will tell you about his family’s experience in Hawaii when the tsunami hit the islands on March 10th. It actually did little damage other than swamping the beaches. It was Rainie’s reaction to the evacuation that is the interesting part of the story. Perhaps Rainie herself will be there to tell you about it. She is such a little “pill.” (You readers do get the significance of that, don’t you? If not...the answer will be at the bottom of the column.)

If you, your organization, or your business, has an event coming up and you have an ad in the River Press, I can also tell about it in the “View.” Be sure to call me about two weeks before the event so that it is in the River Press the week before the event. (Besides, I like to know about everything before it takes place. (If you believe that, I will sell you The Old Bridge.)

With Memorial Day at the end of the month, now begins a time of red, white, and blue. I mean the time for our patriotism to show its colors. If you have a flag, it is time to display it. The weather has been too cold, snowy, and rainy to hang the flags out these past few months.

If you do not yet have a flag, it would be very patriotic to purchase one. We have to show the world (especially in light of what just took place with Bin Laden,) our support of the United States by flying our flag. We have to put up a strong front as some nations disagree with our policies. I do not like to discuss politics because I am not knowledgeable enough to make comments. All I feel is that we have to stick together like family. We can disagree and argue amongst ourselves but put up a good front like the Kennedy’s. One for all and all for one. We would never want to live anywhere else in the world.

It would not hurt our image to be known as “The Flag City,” in Montana. It would be something Fort Benton could be very proud of. Think about it and see what you can do about purchasing a flag.

Not far behind would be Summer Celebration, the 4th of July, the Chouteau County Fair, and ending the summer with Labor Day. Those are all reasons to fly the flag. Those are all red, white, and blue days.

This is the comment asked of me the most. They ask that I tell people who walk their dogs on the Levee Trail to use the doggie mitts. Do not be afraid to say to someone, whose dog has just done what he has to do, “Did you forget something? The doggie mitts are on that telephone pole.”

I am told that it is a real problem these days and far exceeds the geese mess on the Levee Trail because there is something that can be done about it Can someone tell me why pet owners cannot potty train their dogs? (That comment is supposed to be my sense of humor.) It has become a serious problem so do your part to have dog owners become responsible for their pets.

So please clean up after your pet and give me a break about having to mention this at all. I have had a dozen people just this past week complain to me about this problem.

I hope that all of you “Mothers,” had a wonderful day on last Sunday. Did you know that there are more phone calls made that day than any other holiday of the year?

Pictures are still coming in slowly but surely of the Service Men and Women. My very much missed right hand gal, Betty is back from Portland and now we can go full speed ahead with typing up the bios. That will be time consuming as we have nearly 200 pictures. Only about one quarter of those have complete bios and we have to locate many of them to complete the project.

If you sent a picture without a bio, please try to get it to me by e-mail or letter. My e-mail is muncie1929@itstriangle.com and my phone is 622-3217 after 2:00 p.m. I would really appreciate it.

If we cannot find a phone number for a picture, I am going to list the names here in this column. If you know about someone or recognize a name that is not able to get the bio to me, please contact. We hope that it is possible to get these pictures hung by Summer Celebration.

For those who have recently moved to town and are not aware of who Chris, Terri and Rainie are…here is the answer. Chris owns the Benton Pharmacy, is married to Terri, and Rainie is their 6 yr. old daughter. Chris is a Pharmacist, he fills prescriptions and dispenses pills. Therefore, Rainie is a “little pill.” When you pick up your prescriptions you will see a framed picture of Rainie, (changed with the seasons and holidays,) and it says…”This pill is mine.” Hope you enjoy this explanation as much as I did writing it.