Monday, June 15, 2009

A View From The Bridge

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie Morger

This huge project is trying to get off the ground. It has been tried before, unsuccessfully, but the motto is, “Try, try, again.” Many people around town are asking why they do not seem to know what events are going on in town. There is a Community Calendar in the River Press but it lists mostly meetings. We would like this calendar to schedule social and entertaining events for all events happening in town. This calendar is not for advertising any events but just as a reminder for dates, times and location. For instance, we would like to have known a couple of weeks before the Boy Scouts had their Flag Retirement ceremony. We would like to know about events like Pie Day at the Golden Age Senior Center (no Pie Day during the summer.) We would like to know events planned by the V.F.W. and the American Legion. We would like to know what goes on at the Library, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, C.I.A. projects and on and on from every organization, in advance of the event.

There were several conflicts last year because of scheduling two events on the same night. We hope to avert that by having the Chamber of Commerce handle the calendar. It will be on the Chamber web site and hard copies will be distributed in some manner either in person or by e-mail to those that request them There will also be copies at the Visitor’s Center. Please call Ruth Carlstrom 622-3638 or me at 622-3217 (after 1:00 p.m.) with your events. This is the important part of this project. An example would be if your organization has an event, say in October of 2011 and in June of 2009 it was being planned, get it on the calendar now. I can also be “spreading the word” in this column for further coverage. It would be so great to have this work and it can with lots of cooperation.

They are looking good as I checked them out this past week. The First Security Bank has now adopted a second plot that has been neglected for several years now. There are still two more plots to be adopted and they are in a very prominent spot. It would not take a great deal of work to perk them up. It would be very nice to have them finished by Summer Celebration. Talking about plots, how about your own plots. Driving around town, up and down the streets, there are so many yards that are “Outstanding.” However, on the other hand there are some who are “Standing out.” If you are out of town for a week or two, and your grass is not cut, it is understandable. If you are gone longer than a couple of weeks, try to get someone to cut your grass for you. When dandelions and grass get to be 18 inches high, it is not understandable to your neighbors. Appearance is everything.

There was a Visitor in the Center a couple of weeks ago who was interested in the old fire engine on display. He asked Patty Paulsen if she knew why Dalmatians were the favored dogs with fire fighters. He explained it was because they are very calm dogs. At the actual fire, they would calm the horses. The tradition has carried on. You heard it here first.

A few days ago, my friend Marilyn, that I collected charms for, called to say that she had returned home to WA. However, it was not without some of the adventures that she and I share stories about. She and her husband left Fort Benton to visit in Chinook where he was born and raised. The second night they were there they were already in their p.j.’s, when they heard the train whistle. Very soon afterward, there was a huge crash and they rushed to the window. The train had hit a car and they could see that it was badly damaged. Since Marilyn has had years of urgent care experience, she donned her robe and rushed outside. No one was injured because when the vehicle stalled on the tracks, the occupants could see the train approaching and vacated quickly. However, there was a lot of excitement great relief that no one was injured.

So much for adventure No. 1. When Marilyn and Les checked in at the motel, there was a sign on the door “Housekeeper Wanted.” They knew the manager quite well and since Les was going to be occupied for a week, Marilyn offered to help. She made up the 1st floor beds (about 35) that day and the next day did the 1st and 2nd floor beds (about 70.) Not only that, she attended to the front desk for a while when she had nothing else to do. The manager tried to pay her but she refused so the manager did not charge them for part of their week-long stay. (Only in Montana and Marilyn, we need you to move to Fort Benton.)

Another adventure occurred on their way to Fort Benton. It is one of my favorite “small world stories.” They got a late start when leaving their home and decided to spend the night in Coeur d’Alene. In the morning when Marilyn came outside, she found her husband and a young man conversing about the fact that they were headed for Fort Benton. The young man said that he went to high school in Fort Benton as he lives in Carter. Les said they were going to visit the Morgers and Steve Craig said that he was in school with Brian. Steve also said that he reads “The View” and when I spoke to him today, he said he would say hello the next time he saw me. That will probably be Summer Celebration as his girls are in 4H and will be spending a lot of time here in just a little over a week.Steve also related that as their trip home progressed, they again saw Marilyn and Les at St. Regis, Bonner and Lincoln. Small world, isn’t it!

I got this from a very good source that the fireworks display this year is going to be very special. Do you remember when we had the Lewis and Clark Celebration and part of the fireworks was a fantastic, awesome fireworks waterfall off the Old Bridge? I can still close my eyes and see it. Well, it is going to happen again. I sure hope that I have a scoop here and that it goes off as planned.

You just have to stop in and visit as the first of a series of 30 second and 1 minute videos are being shown. The first one is not very long but features Summer Celebration, Shep, and Journeys down the Wild and Scenic River. There will be two more of these videos soon and they will also be used for commercials on TV. Bring your families and friends to the Center to see these well-done, colorful, and informative venues of Fort Benton.

I don’t know of anything going on that is special this week. It is a catch-up week for your yard work with the nice weather. I wonder if everyone is as far behind as I am. The weeds are way, way ahead of me.

Oh, don’t forget Father’s Day next Sunday. Let your Dad (if you still have one living) know how much you love and appreciate him. Make it a very special day.

God bless America and remember to pray for our troops.