Wednesday, May 29, 2019

View From The Bridge 5/29/19

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

It is now late Saturday evening and I have just watched the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS. It was the 30th year and was 1 ½ hours long. I think I have watched it all of those 30 years. It really makes Memorial Day a special time.

I hope that you were able to watch it and feel the pain as each war was honored. There were millions of our young men and women who gave their lives for our country.

Did you thank a Veteran today? In fact, you can do that every day of the year. Actually, if you did that a hundred times a day it would never be enough. They are the reason you are comfy, dozy, warm, and able to sit and watch your TV every might. God Bless America.

This day is so meaningful here in Fort Benton. I am sure it is because it is a small rural community. I never had any connection when I lived in another state because it was a huge metropolitan area and I did not know any Veterans.

The ceremony at the Old Fort Benton Bridge is so beautiful with the throwing of the wreath into the Missouri. It is a time to remember all Veterans, and those who gave up their lives for our country.

It is also an awesome sight to follow the crowd to the Riverside Cemetery. To see all the American flags on all the Veterans graves. It makes me feel so grateful that we had these brave men and women who loved their country as much as I do.

I am so proud to be an American and show it by flying an American Flag every day that there is not inclement weather. Please wear red on Fridays and the shirt that says Support Our Troops. I started with a green light on my porch but had to give it up because it did not give enough light.

I am merely giving a reminder to show love of your country in small ways. It takes such a little effort and in today’s world we need all the support we can get or give. JUST DO IT.

It is now Monday afternoon and I have returned from the Memorial ceremonies at the Old Fort Benton Bridge and the Riverside Cemetery. I noted that there was a good turn-out, with many children, considering the chilly weather.

What I enjoyed the most was the singing of GOD BLESS AMERICA. Everyone joined in with their hands on their hearts. I had the strong feeling that our Veterans loved ones were there with us.

I asked Randy to take me for a ride to count the American Flags that were hanging on porches. We did not cover the entire town as Mary Zanto and I had always done but we did cover perhaps half the streets. Randy counted 63 Flags up with one yard that had 9 small ones along his entrance sidewalk. That averages out to be on the generous side about 20% of the homes.

I know that I am hung up on this subject but please make an effort to purchase a flag and get it installed before the 4th of July. Even better would be if they were up by Summer Celebration. JUST DO IT please.

I have a personal story about Vietnam that I would like to share with you. I tried to find out more information to verify my story on the internet but could not find any.

There was a contest for painters to send in pictures of the Vietnam wall. My Uncle Charlie’s next door neighbor was an artist and sent in her picture. It won first place and $50,000.00. I found the picture on the internet but nothing more. I cannot remember her name but I do remember meeting her in Livonia, MI. She invited me into her home to show me other work she had painted.

The strange part of this story is that she was not encouraged to spend time on the talent she loved so much. Much support came after she won that national contest.

So, you artists out there, live your dream. You live in a world of scenes, colors, and how you see the world. I saw a program on PBS not long ago that told how the Art World is disappearing. This includes music, literature, and painting. The arts in Montana are experiencing cuts in appropriations every year. I learned this from attending the Performing Arts Consortiums each year.
So, artists of all kinds hang in there and continue to bring your beautiful talents into the world.

I checked with Rita this morning and she said that last weeks mention in the View with her phone number brought in 2 more gardeners. That leaves 2 more high planting boxes and 3 more low ones that are not filled.

Good show you hard working gardeners. I love seeing you across the street every day working on your gardens.

I got my tomatoes planted this past week. Connie found some rolling things to put my pots on. I attached a bungee cord to pull them in and out of the garage in the morning and at night. It saves wear and tear on the back. Now I just have to wait a couple of months before I can sit on my front porch steps and eat Sweet One Hundreds right off the vine. Yummy!

I am enjoying watching the many birds that have at last discovered my one feeder. It is located in front of my living room window. I have four feeders off the deck in the back but I no longer fill them. It is because the larger birds seemed to have taken them over and chase the small birds away. I suppose they have to eat too but I do not enjoy watching them as much as the wrens and sparrows.

I have no idea where their nests are as they always seem to fly away to the east and there is only one tree nearby. To the west there are many trees so because I do not see well, I cannot follow them to their nests. Well whatever. It doesn’t really matter as long as they hang out nearby so I can enjoy them.

Since you had not shown up and it is Memorial Day, I took it upon myself to decorate the hollow tree. Nancy was working in the Community Garden and I asked her if she would help me decorate. I really wasn’t much help but I did provide the decorations. At a silent auction I got a Red, White, and Blue basket filled with patriotic decorations.

I hope that you don’t mind. You must be away and I wish there were a way we could communicate. I would actually leave the hollow tree as it is until Labor Day. By time you should be ready to do fall decorations. Please contact in some matter so I will still not know who you are.

Nancy is storing you summer decorations. Let her know when you want them back.