Tuesday, June 3, 2014

View From The Bridge 6/4/14

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

It has been 10 weeks since I last submitted a View from the Bridge. What happened after my Sweetheart went away was an expected replacement of my right knee.  It took place April 30th and I spent 3 days at Benefis Hospital.  From there I came back to Fort Benton and stayed at the Missouri River Medical Center for 12 days of therapy.  I was told that I would have several more months of recuperation and so my goal is to get back to the View in September.

I knew most of the residents and enjoyed their company when we had Activities hour twice a day.  I was thoroughly spoiled by having breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in the dining room.  When I returned to my room, my bed was made.  I took several naps a day because of the medication.  To describe the experience, it was like a vacation.

I walked as much as I could and the first time I went by the Nurses station, I was applauded.  I told them that I was training for the 5K Audra Morger Bonilla Fun Run at Summer Celebration.

Another fun thing was the portable DVD and CD player that the Morger Kids bought me for Christmas.   I am a night owl and do not go to bed until midnight. I found that the hospital closed down about 9:P00 p.m. I watched a movie every night without disturbing anyone. I am planning on writing a book titled “From the Outside In,” about this operation, Hospice, ins and outs of recovery and the mistakes I made being a care taker.

I would be happy to share experiences with any of you contemplating knee surgery.  I know that everyone is different but I can give you a few good pointers.  It makes me happy though that so many of you readers have asked when the View is coming back.  I just feel that I need some rest time to get some order back in my life.  Believe me when I say, I miss keeping in touch.  Since I am not “out and about” much anymore, it is a little difficult to keep up with activities around town.

I am volunteering at the Information Center on Tuesdays and if I hear of a good “small world story,” I may surprise you.

What I need help with is selling 100 more tickets for the Billy Swensgard memorial stone.   (Remember that Billy was the only soldier from Fort Benton killed in Vietnam.)  Quite a few months ago Diane Jones and I were very disillusioned by not getting the Vietnam Wall to Fort Benton this coming July.  The mayor of Great Falls booked the Wall for the week after ours and we had to cancel.  We could not compete with Great Falls who received a huge grand for their project.

We had to raise the money ourselves and we started by a raffle that included an American Flag that flew over the Capitol, two awesome wreathes, and a patriotic quilt.  (If you would like to see these prizes, they are in the window of the Pioneer Lodge.)

We cannot purchase the Memorial Stone until we have the funds to pay for it.  I am asking; if you have not yet purchased a ticket, please do so.  The cost is $5.00 for 1 ticket and 3 for $10.00.  Please contact Diane Jones @ 406-270-7021 or me @899-1380.  We will mail or deliver to you.

Our plans for the dedication of the Swensgard Memorial were originally planned for Memorial Day.  Our next goal is the 4th of July if we sell the tickets quickly.  The plans are to place the stone on a slab of cement with a wrought iron chain fence around it so it will look like a memorial.  It will be placed on Veterans Way.

Diane and I are looking forward to hearing from you.  This is another way of remembering our Veterans and the reason we are protected and free.


I would like to tell everyone who purchased a “Support Our Troops” t-shirt, how proud I am of you.  I was told that the week after most of the shirts were sold, Fort Benton was a “Sea of Red.”  Please remember to continue wearing your shirt on Fridays.  I would like to see that “Sea of Red.”