Tuesday, March 7, 2017

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I met Lyle McKeever in the Price Rite this past week and he told me that White Doves were in his farmyard all winter long. He said that this was the first time he had ever seen White Doves. Google information tells me that they are actually pigeons.

I did hear from the man, who called to report a robin, he left me a message on the answering machine. The connection was not good and I didn’t get his name or phone number. He may have seen a robin earlier than was previously reported. It is not too late to call me if you get this message.

The deer are still visiting town. I saw their tracks in the snow in the empty lots behind my apartment. One late evening last week I had a phone call. I stepped into my laundry room that faces north so I could hear well. I had the TV on in the living room and the micro in the kitchen. As I looked out the window I saw two deer running across the field and disappear across the street. Since I am not out and about much in this winter weather, I have not heard any reports about deer. I would like to hear from you readers about your sightings of deer.

The River Press has hired a new reporter. I look forward to meeting him and I want to say welcome him to Fort Benton. Another plus is that he and his wife have three school age children.  

I invite him to Pie Day on Friday. You will meet the faithful “pie eater’s association group.” We are forever faithful and devoted to the second Friday of the month.

Yes, it has rolled around again and on Friday at 1:00 we will gather for coffee, a piece of homemade pie, and conversation. Come and join us and bring a friend. I have not seen many of my friends all winter and so I would like to see them this Friday at Pie Day. JUST BE THERE!

If I waited until next week to wish you a happy day you might not get the message on time as it is two days after the River Press comes out.

Even though I am not Irish I always enjoyed the celebration that those who are Irish enjoyed on St. Patty’s Day. (Isn’t everyone Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?) They are so proud of their heritage.  However, the thing I am most proud of is being an American.

The Churches in Fort Benton are sponsoring Lenten Lunches. I attended the first one last Wednesday the first one at the Methodist Church. The menu consisted of three kinds of soup, big hunks of bread, and white and dark cookies for dessert. It was a perfect kind of lunch.

What was more important was the gathering of women that attended. There were women from all denominations and they were as one group. I can only describe them as sisters in faith.

There will be a luncheon every Wednesday during Lent at a different church. There was a schedule in last week’s River Press.

In discussions about that day a very humorous story came up that I will relate so you do not have to put up with my “joke of the day.

A little Catholic boy just went through his first Confession before making his First Communion.  When he was asked how he felt about it he said that he was confused. He said that the priest told him to say two (2) Our Fathers for his penance. The child said that he only knew one. (Now that is funny!)

The party held a couple of weeks ago at the Sunrise Bluffs were a great success. Many asked when it would happen again and the date has been set for April 17th. All you Pinochle players put that date on your calendars.

I do not know much about darts and you would not want me to try it with my double vision. I did speak with someone this afternoon (Sunday) that participated. She said that there were 25 couples signed up and the proceeds would go to the Cancer Support Group. It sounds like lots of fun and if you are interested you can start practicing for the next tournament. Good luck!

The Committee for Summer Celebration met last week and set the dates of June 23rd, 24th, and 25th. It is the diamond anniversary of Ships being killed by a train that he so faithfully met every day while waiting for his master. It is such a beautiful story about being forever faithful. Those of you who owns a dog understands this. Most pets give unconditional love and are forever faithful.

I read an article not long ago that said having a pet helps you to live longer. I can understand why.

“What disease did a cured ham actually have?”