Tuesday, April 30, 2013

View From The Bridge 5/1/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It was a blustery day for the Recycling Drop-off last Saturday:  however, it did not stop 94 plus Recycler’s from driving to the Fair Grounds.  I was so elated to hear that news as in the past three months, every other Saturday, there have never been more than 20 to 25 vehicles.  Perhaps because it was advertised as the last day had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, it was a fantastic day for the environment in Fort Benton.

So what happens now?  Future plans include pickups at the Fairgrounds on May 11th and May 25th until final arrangements are made with the Dedman Foundation for drop-offs.  An area is being prepared for the storage area of the Recycle Trailer and a drop-off area.  The date of drop-off may be changed to Wednesday evening, as there is a person who volunteers at the Dedman every week.  The Committee thought that perhaps a Wednesday drop-off time would free people on the weekends. The Committee is very grateful to the Dedman for giving us the space to continue the Recycle Program.  It will be the new “Gathering Place,” for our town.  The latest motto is; “Drop off your recyclables and pick up a kitten.”

More plans include future drop-off of other recyclables such as plastics, glass bottles, and metal cans.  Metal cans must be rinsed, labels removed, and flattened.  We seniors will be used to that as that is what we did during WWII.  I know many of you still do that procedure because it had become a habit.  (We did not have electric can openers in those days and using a hand opener was difficult.  In addition, both ends of the can had to be removed unlike most of today’s can bottoms that cannot be removed.

If you have any suggestions or comments about what you would like to be on the next agenda, let me know at 622-3217 after 2:00 p.m.  We also welcome volunteers.  It would be an hour and a half of your time once every two weeks.  It would be great exercise too.  You could multi-task in the fresh air of Fort Benton.

I spoke with Linda Williams this Monday morning and she said that the electronics pick-up was a great success. The final amount of items equaled to what was picked up last August during the Chouteau County Fair.

I have been holding a computer monitor under the table in my computer room since just after the last pickup.  I arrived at the back gate of the Fairgrounds in my truck about 11:00 a.m.  to ask if someone could ride back to my house to put the monitor in the truck.  Bryan, who is employed by the Missouri River Medical Center, volunteered.  He drove my truck, much to my enjoyment, and we retrieved the monitor.

Early that morning I received two phone calls from friends who could not manage to get their newspapers and cardboard to the Fairgrounds.  Bryan then drove me to the hospital where we picked up a load in the truck of one friends car.  Then we proceeded on to the other friend’s home, where we picked up a load of cardboard that completely consumed the space in the back of my truck.  It was very rewarding to return to the Fair Grounds with that load.  All though we were early for the Drop-off, the Committee’s truck was almost full.  Karen Giles was packing the vehicle systematically to use every inch of space.  The committee was able to have their vehicle just inside the cow barn and a good thing too.  The wind was blowing up a storm, as I am sure you can all remember.  I forgot to ask Karen if they had to use a second truck.  I will get a report for next week as to the weight of the newspapers and cardboard.

You receive a flyer from NorthWestern Energy every month with your bill.  The April flyer called “Energy Connections” had several very interesting articles about recycling.  The first one was “Celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY.”  There were 10 simple ideas that you could use day-to-day.  I was going to choose the important ones; however, they are all important.  I hope that you saved the flyer and put it on your frig.  If not, cut this out of the River Press and put it on your frig.  1.  Recycle, reuse, repurpose.  (The big 3 R’s.)  2.  Plant a garden.  3.  Bring your own bags to the store.  4.  Turn the water off while brushing teeth or shaving.  5.  Wash clothes in cold water.  6.  Donate what you cannot use.  7.  Convert bulbs to compacts.  8.  Unplug appliances when not in use.  9.  Pick up litter.  10.  Learn more about the environment.
Another important paragraph was PLANT A TREE.  More about this under MEMORIAL BENCH PROGRAM.

Rearrange them in your mind as to which are the most important.  I know that they all are but #1, 6, 9, and 10 seem the most important to me.  Just do it!

Pick up litter, #9 on the above list is what transpired last Thursday on Longhorn Days.  Have you taken notice of the clean up all around town?

I was especially pleased about my Adopt-a-Plot that is under the new bridge.  The silhouettes of Lewis and Clark needed a new coat of paint as the old paint was chipping off.  With the Visitor’s season fast approaching, I panicked about my plot.  I should have been taken care of last year but the summer of 2012 was lost with my Sweetheart’s hip replacement.

I called Superintenant Scott with my request of having the plot repainted by the Art Class as it was originally painted  He said that it would be taken care of on Longhorns Day.  It certainly was and it is an awesome piece of art. I want the Art Class to know how much I appreciate your efforts.  I also would like everyone in town to take a walk to see the painting.  I know there are people who have never seen it and you will be very impressed. 

Although this program is closed at this time to Memorial Benches and Tables, it is still open to Memorial Trees.  I have had requested from two groups in the last several weeks for a cottonwood tree (along the Levee,) and tree plaques.  Contact me if you would like to dedicate a Memorial Tree to a loved one or organization.

My Sweetheart turned 90 years old last week and what a week we have had.  Beginning a week ago Sunday and everyday since, we have celebrated.  On this past Sunday, we had a reception at the Golden Age Senior Center.  I have already had several people tell me that they did not know about the reception.  Listen up folks!  You have to read your River Press as soon as you get it.  You miss too much if you do not read it immediately.  I had an invitation on the back page next to the View.  Sorry if you missed out.  We missed you.

No room this week, will catch it next time.