Monday, October 5, 2009

View From The Bridge 10/7/09

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie Morger
Is it sad for you to see the dark Visitors Information Center and not see the Flags out front? The field trip that some of the Volunteers enjoyed last Friday was very enjoyable and interesting. We rode the Trolley for two hours around Great Falls and we learned so much about the history of the town. The Trolley owner, a very informative woman, loves the history of Great Falls, and really loves the Lewis and Clark story. She told a few stories about them that some of us had never heard before. Her story about how she obtained the trolley was also very interesting but you will have to go on the tour to learn about that. She also promotes Fort Benton in her narrative although she does not visit us often. She does her tours six days a week and does not have much free time. Wayne Hampton invited her to ride on his trolley and we teased him that at this time of year it is air-conditioned. (The explanation here is that her trolley has heat and is air-conditioned and Wayne’s is an open trolley.) We visited their Information Center (theirs is “City” and ours is “Country.”) Do you get the connection? I hope so, so I do not have to explain. We then had lunch, (catered by Wake Cup) and delivered by Ruth Carlstrom to the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks conference room in her vehicle. After lunch, they crossed the road, visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center for an hour, and returned to Fort Benton all in awe of what they had seen and learned. This trip will be remembered for a long while.
An out-of-town reader of the View gave me some constructive suggestions concerning what I wrote about the Harlowton football game. If one were not at the game, one would not know what had happened. I just assumed that everyone knew what happened with writing about the differential in the score. I will try to be more explicative without touching on sensitive feelings and please remember that I am not a Sports Reporter. Most times the stories are about what I have heard and not actually experienced. Superintendent Scott wrote about the “Mercy Rule” and since readers of the Fort Benton web site do not read the actual copy of the River Press they may be confused. I actually intended not to mention the score because the important part of the story was the manner in which Longhorn fans responded to the Harlowton touchdown. I was very proud of all that hootin’ and hollerin’ because Harlowton deserved it. It was very much the same situation at the Belt game last Friday. The difference in the score was great and in my opinion, it is not fun anymore. I have been told that nothing can be done short of putting in the JV and the Freshmen teams. There have been some games that were ended at half time but some people paid to see a game and they do not want it ended. On the other hand, some people leave the game and do not care that they have paid admission. What are the rule-makers to do? I would not want to be in their shoes, the referees, or the coaches. I would not want to be a player either. I just like to watch. Go Longhorns. This may be your year.
The Levee Walk is looking so very beautiful these days. The Plots are in full bloom and well maintained. There were still three Plots that needed adopting and one was recently. It should be looking’ good next spring. The two that are left would be very simple to do. It would just be a matter of a little mulch and some nice rocks around two large bushes. Think about it for next spring when I will be reminding you again. The area behind Jordan’s is looking fine as it is completely cleared now. The Levee Trail was one of the “things to do in Fort Benton” that the Volunteers at the Old Fire Hall pushed this summer. The walk from the Old Fire Hall to the Upper Missouri Interpretive Center is the nicest thing that a Visitor could do on a warm summer evening. Just sitting on one of the benches and watching the Missouri is so very pleasant. We have the most attractive small town in Montana and appreciate those who try to keep it that way. No other city or town has the river, the history that Fort Benton has, and most of all…the people. We have always been complemented that we have the friendliest people. I am sure that you all know that but it bears repeating. Sometimes we forget and a little reminder does not hurt. We are surely blessed with our bountiful little city.

Art Peterson was laid to rest last Saturday. He was a good friend and known as “the guy who would do anything for anyone.” Kindness was his middle name and although he has not been around much for the last three years because of his illness, he is going to be missed by many people. Keep him in your thoughts because he was one of the “old timers.”
I have not forgotten about the contest to name Jim Cummings pontoon boat. This is the last call before the contest is over so if you meant to call in a name but put it off…now is the time to call me at 622-3217 after 1pm. As I said before…we have so many clever people in town and surely, you can think of one name to enter. Let me hear from you this week.
Please see the Letters to the Editor in the River Press.
From today’s weather report (Sunday evening), it looks as though we are going to be house bound by the end of the week. Remember how several writers in this River Press predicted that we were going directly from summer to winter. I am not ready at all. Perhaps on Tuesday I can get the waterfall empty of water and get a few plants cut down. I did get the winter coats and clothing sorted out but not exchanged in the closets yet. I think it is also time to put up my “Think Snow” rag clown in our entryway. It seems like I just put it away. Oh well! God bless America (with snow.)