Tuesday, March 28, 2017

View From The Bridge 3/29/17

By Muncie

I never dreamed that this would happen but Tim Burmeister is leaving Fort Benton to follow Connie, his wife, to Elko, Nevada. I would guess that after he tried to steal the View from the Bridge from me and becoming Mayor of Squire Butte, he has to get out of town. To be Mayor of Squire Butte is a tough job and requires many hours of work.  

There will be a farewell get together in April at the River Press office when he returns after packing up and moving.

You will be sorely missed Tim and Connie. I am pleased however that his Mom, who resides at the Sunrise Bluffs, is remaining in Fort Benton.

If you missed the piano concert on the 20th of March, you missed a miracle.  To watch Thomas Pandolfi’s fingers was absolutely breath taking. How can he memorize all music from Chopin to songs from Broadway Shows and movies like the Sting? The Rhapsody in Blue was a show stopper. I wanted him to play on and one. He can play for hours and never look at a sheet of music. The miracle also was in the fact that he began playing piano at age 5 and was doing concerts by the age of 10. That is genius in my opinion.

Another part of the program that I enjoyed was the history of music that he shared. I happened to talk to several other people who are history buffs and that was what they enjoyed about the program.

How we can solve the problem of several events going on in town at the same time? The Monday night Bingo game at the VFW and the City Council meeting also drew potential CCPA enthusiasts from the show. Is there someone out there smarter than a 5th grader who can come up with an answer?

Thomas did perform for the Nursing Home and the Kiddos at the Elementary School. That is the best way to introduce classical and modern music to the youngsters.

There were more of his CD’s sold than for any artist that has performed here in Fort Benton. Besides his brilliant performance he is also a real nice guy.

Don’t miss this delightful show of the Fitzgerald family on next Monday the 3rd.  The Fitzgerald family is so enjoyable because they sign and dance. It makes for a happy evening of entertainment. They were here in Fort Benton in 2009 and the children were very young. Now they are grown and just as delightful.  Hope to see you there.

Last Thursday’s showing of the Smithsonian's The Last Buffalo was again a history lesson. It was very depressing to watch the reenactment of the buffalo being slaughtered. It took one man, Hornaday, with the guts to do something about building the herds back from extinction.

It told the story of how The Last Buffalo changed the lives of the Native Americans. We, personally, have changes in our lives because of wars and natural disasters but in my opinion, never as horrific as The Last Buffalo.

I did learn something that I am passing on because the few people I spoke with had no idea about it. Did you, especially womenfolk, know that bone china was made from animal bones? It never occurred to me the match up bone china with animal bones. That is what I love about each day is that I learn something new.

“Why is it people take elevators to the top of tall buildings and then pay money for binoculars to look at buildings on the ground?”

Since this holiday is about 7 weeks away, these answers were sent to me via e-mail and I thought it may prepare you for the big day. It may also give you a few laughs.

The following answers were by 2nd graders. “Why did God make Moms?”
1. She is the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
2. Mostly to clean the house.
3. To help us out of there when we are born.  (You may have to read #3 again.)