Tuesday, April 4, 2017

View From The Bridge 3/5/17

BY Muncie

I have been writing about the names of the moons for several years. I hope that you don’t mind and feel about them as I do. I cannot remember the descriptions from year to year and enjoy reading what they are. Let me know your opinion if you see me on the street or in one of our great stores.

The April moon is called the Pink Moon. This name came from the herb moss pink or wild phlox which are the earliest wild flowers of the season. (Did you remember that?)

There are several other names but I am going to stick with just the Pink Moon. (If you want to know the rest, check with the Almanac.)
The full moon is on Tuesday the 11th. The bright light from the moon will help you check out the Pink Moss.

I have not heard from anyone outside of town about the arrival of the first meadowlarks. I did get a report from Chris Taylor, on the street, that there were Meadowlarks on their farm about 3 weeks ago.

Now I feel it is official that SPRING is here. Still there is that feeling that winter is not going to give up easily. It did go out like a lamb having come in like a lion but perhaps it is too good to be true.

The Freeze is open. When I rode by last Friday there was music playing and it was coming from the Freeze building. I knocked on the window and Mr. Freeze himself came to the window. He and Mrs. Freeze had planned on opening April 1st, (that is no joke,) but one of the machines broke down and had to be repaired. So the big day will be Thursday the 6th if all goes well. Stop by and say hello.

The other good news is that the Hulbert’s will be making Fort Benton their permanent home. That again depends if all goes well. They have been living here for the past 5 or 6 years during “The Freeze” season. They will be most welcome as permanent residents. Every day seems to bring new and wonderful surprises. So greet each day with a smile and enjoy every minutes of every day. 

The Veterans photos at the Sunrise Bluffs are being rearranged in the next few weeks. We hope to have it completed by Memorial Day.

Picture shelves are being built and the photos will be arranged in alphabetically order. This will make it easier to find your loved one. It will also prevent photos from falling off the wall, having to be repaired, broken glass replaced, and will just give a better look to the wall.

We have started with the WWII photos. There are 127 photos. It is an interesting project as we will be able to reminisce about each Veteran again.  

It is over for the season at the VFW. I have not been able to attend the last few weeks because of another program on the same night. I just want to say, “See you in October,” to friends I have known for a long while and to those new friends. I truly enjoy your company and thank you for the many laughs.

How time flies! Easter is a week from next Sunday. It is a religious day for many but it is an exciting day for Kiddos.

I miss having little ones around to do the usual Easter things. My most vivid memory of Easter was checking every morning after to see if the Easter Bunny had returned. You can guess that it never happened. I got over it at about age 8 when I caught on to what it was all about. The memories linger and make Easter Sunday a special day still.

So many friends have gone away these past few weeks. I send condolences for the families of Dave, Chris, Verda, and Lillian. I did not know the others who were in the River Press obits but know the feeling of loss. I will miss you.

1. God makes Moms out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world with 1 can of mean.
2. They had to get her start from men’s bones. Then they used string I think.

If you go to heaven and get wings, what if you are afraid of heights?”


These words mean more to me than ever today. A few weeks ago my 19 year old grandson joined the United States Marine Corps and is at Parris Island training. I also have 4 grandsons on the Morger side of the family who are still in the service of our country. They have all been deployed over-seas at least once and several twice. (The best part is they have given me 2 more great grandchildren.)

I have asked before and gotten no response to be informed of the men and women who are in the service. There are programs that are held that they and their parents could be invited too. 

I know that you cannot send their addresses but just their names, ranks, and what service they are in would be enough. Your name and phone number would be appreciated. I had some of this information but it was a long time ago and I no longer have it.