Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VIEW from the BRIDGE
by Muncie

I received an e-mail sent on Monday the 15th, informing me that the View had to be in on Thursday the 18th. Therefore, the View will be short and sweet (I hope.)

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Good tidings to you, wherever are. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Well, here it is already.  The Eve of the greatest holiday seems to have more celebration than the biggest day. However you celebrate be careful and enjoy.

My family, when I was back in Michigan, celebrated the 21st not only as the first day of winter but as the eve, of the eve, of Christmas Eve’s eve. Can you follow that one?  Since three of my boys are back east, they always get in touch on the 21st. It is now a tradition. I really love it because it means that the next day the days began to get longer. Hurray!  Things are looking up.

I picked up a 2015 calendar and have already started filling it in. January will not be a boring month. There are many events to be attended and I’ll try to keep you posted.

Have you wondered where the Lions calendar is? I found one today, (Wednesday the 17th) at the First Security Bank for a donation. (I’m suggesting $10.00 as we previously paid.) I found out that the calendars are available at most businesses.

I love that calendar because it lists birthdays and anniversaries. If you are on the calendar and your information is incorrect, please see Larry at the First Security Bank.

I will resume Montana until after the holidays.

I attended the concert at the Elementary school on Tuesday the 16th evening. Again, as at the Christmas Concert, it was so enjoyable. It was short and sweet. I would like for it to be longer but realized how much practice went into the pieces they played. The difficult pieces that were played were by musicians unknown to me and expanded my very slight knowledge of music.

I would encourage the soloist, Katt Kirkpatrick to continue her voice training. She is a special singer. We all know Joellyn Clark who is the accompanist on many occasions at the Elementary School. Bravo to Eric Lenington, the members of the High School orchestra, Katt, and Joellyn. You made the evening full of Christmas spirit.

Most Friday nights will see many of us at the basketball games. Since we did not see much football this year, looking forward to basketball games is exciting. Pick you schedules up at various locations around town and see you there.

Did you see on TV the decorating of the Whitehouse? Friends tell me that it is on every year. I have never seen it before but I have seen the outside tree lighting. What a fun hour watching volunteers decorate dozens of trees with hundreds of lights and bulbs. It is like watching the North Pole Elves at work. Watch for it as I cannot give you a channel number because we all have different providers.

Our Troops were especially honored that leads me to say, GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS, and WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS.