Tuesday, November 30, 2010

View From The Bridge 12/1/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

The Winter Celebration that is “happening,” this coming weekend is just as exciting as Summer Celebration. The reason being, the whole of Chouteau County is involved. The three-day event gives one time to visit our adjoining cities and towns. All of them offer food, crafts, and entertainment. Corral your friends and make it a three-day, “fun time,” and shop ‘til you drop.

There are so many choices, and that makes it difficult which way to go. However, there is something for everyone, so enjoy. Spend your Christmas money in Chouteau County and give to boost its economy.

I enjoy visiting with the Vendors who are not from this area and especially with those who are. Everyone has a story and you never know to whom you are related.

What happened to it? I think it disappeared in the snow. In conversations with those around town, the main subject is the way time flies. The best thing about December, weather wise, is that in three weeks the days begin to get longer.

My four grown siblings and I still celebrate another holiday the week of the winter solstice. The 21st of December is the eve of the eve of Christmas Eves eve. Now you try that one out on your calendar. We phone or e-mail each other, “Happy eve of the eve of Christmas Eves eve.” It is kind of fun to say it and as well as mean it sincerely. The 21st is on a Tuesday and I invite you to the Research Center for coffee and cookies. You can also tour the facility while you are there. (I wonder if the volunteers might take that day off because of Christmas. If so, I will let you know next week.)

There will be a meeting on Monday the 6th of December. I saw in the River Press a picture last week of the new Council table that was not in place at the last meeting. In a phone conversation today (Monday,) the New City Hall is not quite ready for an open house. I will keep you posted.

I have only heard from two participants in the program that made me aware of errors in the supplement. One of the errors was in a bio. The Vet said that he did not do all the events that were listed under his name. So far, I have not found to whom the bio belongs to, but I am working on it.

Two weeks ago, Ken Robison, was not able to make it to the Research Center because of the weather. Last week I was not able to be there because of an appointment in Great Falls. I have over forty (40) pictures to be scanned by Ken, and bios to be typed into the computer. Perhaps at that time I will find the correct bio for the correct picture. Wish me good luck.

Are you recycling your magazines and catalogs? I know that it is inconvenient to haul them to Great Falls and for those of you who do not know, there are bins at Sam’s Club and Albertson’s on the Northwest Bypass for magazines/catalogs and newspapers. I do not have the statistics at hand but hundreds of thousands trees are cut to make paper each year.

It was mind boggling this past week when I counted the catalogs I have received in the last month. Would you believe there were forty-three (43,) and many from the oddest businesses/locations that I have never heard of.

I remember a few months back writing about this same subject and saying that I wrote to “? (cannot remember,”) asking that I not get junk mail. Since I did that, I am getting more than ever. I, again, requested the address from the Post Office this week, and am passing it along to you. It is…Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing, PO Box 643, Carmel, N.Y., 10512.

I also went on line to search Direct Marketing junk mail and came up with the website. You can register on line for a minimal fee or send a postcard to the above address.

However, remember that when you do this, those catalogs that you do use will also be removed from your address. I solved this problem a few years ago when a particular catalog company I ordered certain products from, was sending me a new catalog every two weeks. I called and asked if they would only send one every three (3) months. They said they could not do this. I solved by keeping the old catalog and ordering from it. The backfiring of that deal is that once I call in an order, I then start receiving their catalogs again every two weeks. That entails making another phone call to cancel again. What goes around comes around. Just think about the good you are doing for the environment. You may save a tree or two.

So much to do and so little time. I took a workshop that taught us to make a list every morning of six things you wanted to do that day. If you finished two on the list, you were batting 100%. Do not stress, and enjoy every minute of every day. I know you are thinking, “Easier said then done,” but at least try it. It is not worth the wear and tear on you.