Monday, May 11, 2009

View from the Bridge

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie Morger

On Thursday the 14th there will be a Fort Benton Woman’s Club meeting at noon. Please bring a guest so she can be introduced to the Club with a head start into the 2009-2010 year. Our Club does so well recruiting new members therefore recruit away by asking women you know who do not belong. We want to be sure there is not a woman in Fort Benton who has not been asked to join. It is not only a very important organization to the community but a fun one. We women deserve all the fun that is coming to us.

Friday the 15th the Big Sky Regional Group #153 out of Billings will be rolling into town and many of them for the first time. Their organization is part of the National Early Ford V8 Club of America. If you are interested in antique cars it would be of interest for you to know that these particular Ford Motor Company models have flat head engines and date from 1932 to 1953. They have about sixty members in the Club and there is no way to know how many will visit Fort Benton. They come from all over Montana and this year is a special anniversary for them because it is their 10th. In addition, how I am sure you will ask, did this Club decide to come to our town? I was not surprised to learn it was because of word of mouth. A group of women visited Fort Benton last summer and were so impressed by the “Birthplace of Montana” they spread the word. When I spoke to the man in charge of this weekends events, he said they would like to park their automobiles where townspeople could view them. It will probably be along the Levee side of Front Street from the Price Rite to the Lewis and Clark Memorial Statue. That will give the “Viewers” the opportunity to view the cars off the road while walking the Levee Trail. When you check out their autos, be sure to give them the Super Host welcome.

Friday the 15th is Pie Day. I hope that you put it on your calendar and will join your friends at the Golden Age Senior Center at 10:00 a.m. Give it a try and I know that you will enjoy the homemade pie.

A very special and important day for our Fort Benton High School Seniors will be Sunday the 17th when they step into another part of their lives. It is hard to believe what happened to the time from the day you held their hands and took them to Kindergarten to this graduation day. It is not as if they are leaving you permanently but most of them will be going away, perhaps for the first time in their lives. How can you be happy and sad at the same time but I think graduation is one of those times? Enjoy your day Graduates, it will be a day that you will never forget.

A committee of Woman’s Club members did a trash pickup last Thursday from the entrance sign to the highway. The cleanup had been postponed for two weeks because of snow. Thursday started out to be a beautiful day but by 4:30 p.m. the dark clouds hung over Fort Benton almost to the ground. Everyone went to work quickly and in a little over an hour, the last of the group turned in their blue bags for recycling. These bags held bottles in one and aluminum in another. The black bags were left beside the highway for pickup by the Highway Department. Just about then, it began to rain but the job was done. Good job Woman’s Club members and one husband.

Another big event of the year for Seniors Citizens was the luncheon at the Elementary School. We seniors sang “American the Beautiful” with the students and the last line is “from sea to shining sea.” Our hosts choose a fish theme and the decorations were phenomenal. Fish decorated our original handmade placemats, fish covered the walls, and the centerpieces were constructed with a fish on an upright pole with real shells around the base. The entertainment was provided by the Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, graders who sang, the 3rd graders who also sang and the 4th graders played the recorders. It was so enjoyable and of course, all the songs were about fish. The work that was put into that day can best be described as “hard.” The floor had to be covered, a dozen or so tables brought in, the tables set, and the decorations put up. The luncheon menu served was a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and we were waited on by the 5th and 6th graders. They were around and around with lemonade, coffee and whatever else you might need. If you needed help with your tray, they were right there to carry it for you. They were all so wonderful; I wanted to take them home with me.

I have not heard from a single Class Reunion representative about their plans for Summer Celebration. I have no news on that subject for those of you who subscribe to the River Press and I am wondering if there are going to be any reunions. You only have six weeks from Friday left. Could it be that you are keeping it a secret to spring on your classmates the week before Summer Celebration or are the invitations in the mail or you just have not had time to work on it. Just kidding Alumni. I know how difficult it is to put on an affair like that but please take five minutes to let me know what is happening.

All the projects that “Longhorn Days” worked on are lookin’ good. I especially notice along the Levee Walking Trail. The wind does a good job on getting those light plastic bags caught in bushes and blowing newspaper down the sides of the Levee. I love the Spring Clean-up because most everything seems bright and squared away. A couple of weeks ago there was an article in the Tribune about Black Eagle and their “Mapril Clean-up”. They get together every spring and tidy up their blocks, alleys, and empty fields. It brings neighbors together in a common cause and promotes togetherness in the community. I realize that Fort Benton is a bit larger than Black Eagle but even more reason to get to know your neighbor. There used to be a day, once upon a time ago, when you knew every one in town and the car that everyone drove. Now I wonder if you even know everyone on your block. My own experience is that when I do meet someone new, I find they have been in town for a year or two already. Perhaps for your good deed for the day, try to meet the neighbors in your block.

This week we will end with “smile a lot.” Hasn’t that been easy since the weather has turned somewhat like spring? (Summer is only about five weeks away. Even now the days are longer which makes for more time to work outside.) On these sun shiny days, everyone is smiling, saying good morning/afternoon, and in general walking without dragging their feet. Every season I say that one is my favorite except this year I am eliminating winter. I am through with it, finished, and very unhappy about it. It was too long, too cold, too icy, and in general not nice. I love spring and even though our lilacs got zapped, other spring like miracles happen. I found the most beautiful red tulip today in my flower garden. I have many tulip leaves but they have never bloomed. I got a new camera for Mother’s Day from the Kids but, as my computer hates me, the camera has headed in the same direction and has not produced any pictures yet. I hope I can figure it out before that tulip goes away. It sure brightened up the day. Keep smiling.