Tuesday, March 2, 2010

View From The Bridge 3-3-2010

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It is not my favorite month. Yes, spring arrives but it is such a struggle for it to get here. However, to say something good about it…the best thing the struggle seems to accomplish is the sunshine. We see it almost every day now and it surely cheers everyone up. There are many smiles and “have-a-great-day” around town. I have heard many conversations about planting vegetable gardens and flower gardens. We even saw a little green (it may have been wishful thinking,) showing as the snow melts.

We liked the way the City piled the snow on the boulevard because as it melts…all that good nitrogen feeds into the lawn. The snow and ice are not quite gone but the streets and sidewalks are easy to traverse. We always say in March, that we made it through another winter. Next week I will be reminding you to spring forward on your clocks. It is that time again.

There is a new owner of this health-oriented, exercise business. Since Audra Morger Bonilla, Greg and Grayson moved to Helena last August, the building has been a tad lonely. There have been senior exercise and yoga classes but the machines were getting a little dusty. Kathy Waldo (most of you know her and if you do not, you should,) purchased the business and will be in the building daily Monday through Friday. She will not be there on Saturday or Sunday, but it will be available to members. Memberships are available by either stopping in (see what there is to offer,) or calling at 868-0660.

These days every thing you read, everything you see on TV, is geared toward a more healthful living. A great part of that is exercise. One example is when people say that they are tired all the time. The best way to combat that fatigue is to exercise. It is a fact that I used to fight vigorously but found it is the absolute truth. When you work out, your body relaxes and the adrenalin kicks in. Another common statement is, “I do not have time to exercise.” You do not have that option if you care about your health. Make the time and reap the rewards. Your body will thank you with more energy and stamina. Check it out for yourself and change your life.

Last week I blew the horn for the Golden Age Senior Center. This week I am going to do that very thing for the General Federation of Women’s Club of Fort Benton. That is the proper name for the Club, which is part of the General Federation all over the United States. If I am referring to just Fort Benton, I can call it Woman’s Club (it is so much shorter.)

To get on with their accomplishments, I would like to tell you, that as a whole, the Club participated in 80 projects, logged in 10,000 volunteer hours (isn’t that awesome,) and put $57,786.00 into Fort Benton’s economy. Are not those figures increditable?

Just think about 10,000 volunteer hours. If you divide those hours by 24 hours in a day, you come up with 416 (close enough) days. If you multiply 416 days at 24 hrs. a day, you have 9,984 hrs., divided by 8 gives you 1,248 days of work. To double check that, divide 10,000 hrs. by an 8 hr. work day and you have 1,250 days of volunteer work. Divide that by the 58 women who have paid dues this 2009-2010 year and you get an average of 21 ½ days or 172 hrs. for each one. Again, I say, incredible. Go, Woman’s Club.

Come join us on March 11th at noon in the Library. The Expedition will be serving the luncheon and if you are joining us for the first time, you will be our guest. Watch for the Woman’s Club article for phone numbers to call. Members…be a friend and invite a friend, (borrowing phrase from Friends of the Library.)

CHOUTEAU COUNTY PERFORMING ARTS will present the Mudd Bay Jugglers & Tune Stranglers on Tuesday, March 30th at 7:30 p.m. (I will check out that time change from the usual 7:00 p.m.)

The Mudd Bay Jugglers are a group of three men who not only juggle, dance, do lively music and they are comics that they weave into their act. The Tune Stranglers are a group of five men who play many instruments and every kind of music. It sounds like a lively evening so put it on your calendar now. I will remind you again.

Next month on April 15th will be the “Rave On Buddy Holly” Pub Night. Now that is one you do not want to miss. Check out Buddy on the inter-net and listen to songs that you seniors will remember from the ‘50’s. Our younger group should enjoy too, because Buddy was the first rock’n roller. Hey, even at my age, I enjoyed his singing.

MULLAN ROAD CONFERENCE - This is a huge event that will take place in Fort Benton from May 20th to the 22nd. It is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the road that was the first wagon road from Fort Benton to Fort Walla Walla, WA. For more details, check the Fort Benton web site (www.fortbenton.com) under special events to find complete information. Registration is necessary.

Some of the exciting events are on Thursday evening; the 20th there will be a reception in the Fort trading post, presentations at the Ag Center on Friday with lunch, a banquet in the evening, and on Saturday a field trip to the Sun River valley. (I am willing to wager that 99% of those who are reading this have never done that trip.) It sounds very exciting, so send this information to your history loving relatives and friends. “If you don’t know where you came from, you cannot know where you are going.” My favorite and I have mentioned it many times before is, “A people without a history is like the wind in the Buffalo Grass.”

If you have an event planned, please advise and I will try to let everyone be aware of the time, date and place. This would be in addition to your ads in the River Press.

I feel like I am missing something but cannot put my finger on it. A week from Sunday, the 14th we will be springing our clocks ahead. The “Ides of March” (when Julius Caesar was assassinated so do not turn your back on anyone,) is the 15th, The “Wear’n of the Green” is on the 17th, on the 19th the swallows return to Capistrano, and spring arrives on the 20th. That is quite a full month so keep busy and enjoy every minute of every day.  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR PROTECTORS OVERSEAS.