Tuesday, October 8, 2013

 “VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Since I returned from Whitefish, after seeing the Vietnam Wall and becoming interested in William Swensgard, I have planned on trying to get the Wall to Fort Benton. I spent an afternoon with Diane Jones at a fund raiser and we discussed possibilities. This past week, Diane was able to connect with the Vietnam Wall coordinators to secure a commitment.  The Vietnam Wall will be in Fort Benton next summer on July 16th through the 24th. 

The Wall usually is in one location for five days.  The first day would be set-up and the last day break-down.  We are giving you a heads-up for your plans to help us.  The American Legions and the V.F.W’s are vital to the program.  All inquiries will be answered in time when all those involved are notified and can commit to volunteer.  Our surrounding area will be canvassed because this is a huge project.

Great Falls hosted the Wall 10 years or f15 years ago, no one remembers the exact time.   I would like to speak to someone who remembers how that event played out, because it would be helpful to know the details.  If you have any information, please contact me.
 It should be a very exciting time in Fort Benton and will be a community project. Let us make it a very special time for remembering those that died for us. We will have more details about our program as we acquire it and will keep you informed.

For those of you who attend the Tuesday night dinners at the Golden Age Senior Center, here is some important information.  On Tuesday the 15th of October, if you attend, you are to wear HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.  How long has it been since you dressed up for Halloween?  Do not let the idea of dressing up for the occasion scare you.  If you cannot see yourself at age over 55 dressing up for the holiday, you are welcomed anyway.  It should be loads of fun and I am sure there will be a prize for the best costume.

This message goes out to you in this week’s River Press because the following week would be too late. See you there.

One of my readers met me at the grocery store this morning and asked that I tell you about snakes on the new Levee Trail.  She had just walked it and found it as great as I did.  Alas, the rest of the story is that she did see a bull snake and said that if there were bull snakes around, there would be rattlers. She suggested that you carry a stick of some sort.  Do not try to dispatch bull snakes because they actually are enemies of rattlers.  Good hunting bull snakes!

That conversation reminded me to check with Police Station for report on rattlers on the Levee this past summer.  Police Chief John Turner said that there were about 5 rattlers in various locations but this was a low count compared to other years.  Just be cautious on the trail and actually in everything you do.

Another suggestion about the Trail is that I checked with Skip Ross and if you use wood to heat your home, garage or storage building, you can cut down all the dead wood that you can use.  The only set-back is that you cannot drive on the Trail.  You would have to haul it up in a wheelbarrow.  It would be a great accomplishment to clean up the area of all dead debris. One more addition to the Trail would be a couple of cement benches that could be placed there according to Skip.  If there is anyone out there who would like a memorial bench on the New Trail, please discuss it with Skip or me. The only backside of that would be that the benches would have to be removed for the winter season.  They could be brought up on the Levee for that time period without a problem.  I have had to refuse several requests for memorial cement benches because there wasn’t a location to place them.  I hope to see some benches there next summer.

Oops, forgot about another suggestion.  It would be the prettiest thing anyone could do if you have some wild flower seeds to dispose of them along the New Trail.  If you can do that, please let me know.  What a beautiful sight that would be in the spring. 

This week’s question will be about Science and Nature.  Q.  How many states have a greater number of mammal species than the 109 that live in Montana?  See answer below.

A. None