Tuesday, July 31, 2018

View From The Bridge 8/1/18

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

It just seems like yesterday that I wrote about the July Moon. The August Moon is called the Full Sturgeon Moon because of fishing tribes in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water that had the best fishing catches during this month. Other names are the Full Red Moon because of the reddish hash while rising and the Green Corn Moon or Full Grain Moon. Take your pick and mine would be the Grain Moon.

The full moon is on Sunday the 26th. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

On Thursday August 8th at the Farmers Market there will be Flathead cherries on sale. It would help a great deal if you would call in your order to Connie Jenkins. That insures that your order will be ready and waiting.

The Farmers Market is growing and had several more vendors participating last week. You are more than welcome to come on down to the levee and support those vendors.

The new big tickets are on sale and Randy Morger will be at the Farmers Market selling them. He will be there every week so support this wonderful entertaining program. As Randy puts it, it makes the winter months a little more tolerable.

He will have copies of the programs and the first one is Pub Night on September 15th at the Ag Center with “Cold Hard Cash.” If you enjoyed Johnny Cash and his music this is the show for you. The group is the Tennessee Three and they will keep your toes tapping. See you there.

My request for traffic to slow down on gravel roads has not produced much of a response. Apparently the truck drivers do not read this column.

Please spread the word and see if that brings results. Fortunately we had a bit of rain that dampened the roads and that helped a great deal.

I do not know exactly how to write this mail report. There were 2,200 flyers just mailed for the Chouteau County Performing Arts. It was brought to my attention that when picking up mail at the post office, the waste baskets held about half of those flyers.

I have volunteered many hours as well as other volunteers to fold and attach stickers to the sides of the flyers as the post office requires. It is a full day’s work for each volunteer and that is not counting preparing the flyer and making 2,200 copies to every household in Chouteau County.

The flyer contains the programs for the coming season. My wish is that you would take them home and read them. The discounted price figures out to $5.62 and a half cent per show and what a bargain that is. Tickets are now at a discounted price from now until the first performance on September 15th. If you read the flyer you may see a show or two or three you cannot live without.

Please take the flyer home, open it and read it. Think of all the labor that went into the producing and the mailing of a simple one page flyer.

If working on a mailing is of interest to you please contact me as there is another 2,200 flyer to be mailed in about 3 weeks. It is a sociable day with friends to renew new or old friendships. You also are doing a tremendous bit of volunteer work.

August is filled with exciting entertainment. Taste of Fort Benton goes hand and hand with Shakespeare in the Park. The Chouteau County Fair booklets are all over town. And last but not least school begins. Are you ready for all of this? Fort Benton Elementary will have two kindergarten classes this year and that is encouraging.

There is enough to keep you busy so enjoy some entertainment along the way. (CHECK THE RIVER PRESS COMMUNITY CALENDAR FOR TIMES AND PLACES).

I was able to talk to one of the commissioners this morning (Monday) and they have not had a response to their ad in the River Press. They will continue to search for volunteer drivers. The van is slated to make trips for residents to Great Falls for appointments and other business.

However, I did learn that the Missouri River Medical Center has their new bus. It is parked behind the hospital and it is bright and shiny new. (Perhaps some of you readers knew about this but it was breaking news to me.) Other than that little tidbit I have nothing else to report.

Crews are still working on Front Street between the dump station and the swimming pool. I was told that drainage was being installed. Perhaps that is why the road was so bad because of standing water that caused deep holes and ruts. The crew member did not seem to know when the job will be completed.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS (as many are in dangerous situations at this moment,) POLICE OFFICERS, FIREFIGHTERS (they too are in danger,) AND EMT’s.