Tuesday, February 25, 2014

View From The Bridge 2/26/14

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

As Nancy Lachapell wrote a book titled, “Letters from Afghanistan,” I have a short story about an American Flag from Afghanistan that we received in the mail last Friday.  It was from grandson, Morgan, who is the son of Venetta Morger and John Wood.

Perhaps you remember that Wally has had five grandsons in the service of our country.   Grandson, Zeke Grovenstein, son of Darcy Morger Grovenstein and Glenn, was in the Marines for four years and received a purple heart while serving in Afghanistan.  Whitney and Emory, also Darcy and Glenn’s sons, have already served in Afghanistan and may be deployed again. The fourth is Dashiel Morger, son of our own Randy Morger who also served in Afghanistan.

The story however, is about Morgan who presently is in the war zone flying a helicopter.  As a Christmas present he sent his grandfather, Wally, an American Flag that flew on one of his missions.  It came with a certificate of authenticity.

The certificate reads as follows.  “This certificate acknowledges that this United States Flag was flown for 3.4 hours on combat missions in direct Support of Operation Enduring Freedom over Logar, Wardak, Ghazni, and Paktiy Provinces, Afghanistan January 1st 2014 for Wallace Morger.”  How special is that?

Our grandsons, Donald Ruhl who was the only U.S. Marine from Montana to receive the Medal of Honor, Billy Swensgard the only soldier from Fort Benton killed in Vietnam, and every other man/woman who have served our country mean so much to me.  That is the reason I ask you to “Support Our Troops and Wear Red on Fridays.”  We have comfortable lives because of them.

If you have a military story to share, please get it to me.  I and I am sure many others would like to read it.  

Every two months I have a “Happy Foot” day.  You could also have it every other month if it would please you.  The Chouteau County Health Department provides the community with foot health care.  It is a real blessing for the seniors of our community.  As you grow older, (speaking from experience,) your nails become thicker and more brittle.  You cannot trim them easily.  You cannot bend over the way you used to.  In fact, the most popular saying amongst seniors is, “you cannot do anything any more the way you used to.”

This service is offered for a minimal fee and it certainly “makes ones day.”  You feel as though you are walking on air.  For a delightful treat for yourself, give the Chouteau County Public Health Department a call at 622-3771 and make an appointment.

Nurse Gerri Dostal will greet you at the Sunrise Bluffs usually on the third Thursday (all day,) and Friday mornings.  Nurse Gerri was thinking of changing that schedule to the second and third Thursday in stead of Friday mornings.  This is yet to be determined.
This Foot Clinic moves to Geraldine every other month.  Nurse Gerri is busy but always welcomes new friends.  It actually is a social time as Gerri was finishing up with Mary Davison, and you are next to be seated in a new special chair.  The next appointment shows up early so come on in and sit down.  More introductions to a new acquaintance to query about his/her life, where they came from, do they love Fort Benton?  There is a story there somewhere as everyone has a story.  Turns out that he reads the View and that made my day.

There will be two questions today because the second will explain the first.  The subject is Sports and Leisure after having been glued to the TV to watch the Olympics.  Q.  What was the only U.S. ski resort to hold a telemark ski competition in 2000?  Q. No. 2 If you were participating in the Pinhead Classic Costume Race at Bridger Bowl, what kind of skiing would you be doing?


P.S.  The hungry birds were back several times last week.  I was disappointed that no one turned in a feral cat trap.  They must be out there somewhere.  They could not have just disappeared.  Check again, would you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
No. 1  Big Mountain  
No. 2  Telemark skiing in which you must dress according to the theme, such as Space Odyssey in 2000 or Medieval Knights