Tuesday, August 3, 2010

View From The Bridge 8/4/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I spoke with one of the organizers (they all put in many hours of effort) of this special day a few weeks ago. Veterans and their families who numbered about 200 came to the Old Fort Park to enjoy the festivities. The weather cooperated which made for a pleasant afternoon. Senator Tester was able to attend and speak as well as others from Malstrom Air Force Base. They spoke of the Veterans as saviors of our freedom and they certainly were that. There are not enough ways to thank these brave men and women who have and still are protecting our country.

Cecil Seright was the oldest Veteran attending and received the folded American Flag. The Committee said that they planned to have this event every year.

Another reminder for 5 x 7 pictures of Veterans in a plain black frame to make a Veterans Memorial photo wall. A question asked, “Can they be colored photos?” Yes, of course they can. I imagine that most WWII and Korea will be black and white. No matter, just put this on your “To Do” list. I have now five pictures in my possession. That is a good start.

It is that time of year again when we should be watching out for snakes. Several weeks ago author Charlotte Caldwell (photographer of One Room Schoolhouses,) was walking the Levee Trail with her husband and two friends. They encountered a rattlesnake on the Levee Trail at 9th St. where it rounds the corner by the yellow house (hidden by bushes.) The Levee Trail at that point is adjacent to the street where the bank was cut away to accommodate it.

I asked Charlotte if she called 911 and she said they were so excited that it did not enter her mind. They just backed away. (Snake Sighting 101…do not approach and call 911 for backup from someone who has experience dealing with these creatures.)

Now we fast-forward to Sunday, the 1st of August. My neighbor, Connie Jenkins, came rushing over to my house to tell me that a bull snake (it could have been a rattler,) was found behind her garage that morning. She wanted us to be very careful in our backyard and garden area with its huge tomato plants were a snake might hide. There are also other covers in the yard where they could be laying in wait for us unsuspecting people to wander by. Beware because rattlers strike at heat source and not because you frighten them.

I know that I am being dramatic but the rattler (and include any kind of spider,) is dreadful to me. The bull snake is harmless and just tries to scare you by hissing and pretending to attack you. Do you know the difference between a rattler and a bull snake? Of course, the bull snake does not have rattles but it is also very light colored compared to a darker rattler. Just be cautious and teach your youngsters about getting to a phone and calling 911 if they see one.

I just called the Police Department and Dan Holskey only knew of two personal snake incidences. One report was a rattlesnake (do not know where,) and the other was a garter snake at the swimming pool. By the time he arrived at the pool, the snake had been thrown over the fence. That must have been quite an exciting time for those swimmers who were at the pool at the time.

I have gotten comments from people in surrounding communities about how there is always something going on in Fort Benton. There is the standing Thursday evening Farmers Market and this week (the 5th) will be in conjunction with Taste of Chouteau County at 5:00 pm in Old Fort Park This is by far the most attended event of the summer evenings with great food from all the food vendors in Chouteau County. At 6:00 pm, a performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” by Shakespeare in the Park will begin for all of you Shakespeare fans. Invite all your family and friends.

This is just a reminder (mostly for me) for this event. Readers often tell me that they read about events, want to attend, forget to write it on their calendars, forget to check their calendars, and miss the event. The dates bear repeating so perhaps you will remember and not miss a fun event. See you there.

Robin Allen (Steve Higgins sister who arranged the memorial trip to see the bench and to take a trip down the river,) just arrived home to Iowa about an hour before I phoned her at 1:30 pm on Monday afternoon.

She said there were 23 members of family and friends that came to Fort Benton and 22 made the trip downriver. She will be sending a photo of the group later this evening (when she gets unpacked.) Since I have to have this “View” in by 3:00 pm and in the event, that Robin is not able to follow through, the picture will be in next week.

Note: The picture of the family and friends of Dorothy Laulo at her memorial table turned out so well. She will be long remembered.

Have you ever seen the time fly as quickly as this summer? Didn’t Summer Celebration just happen and now it is almost Chouteau County Fair time? We have enjoyed our outdoors time very much lately. It is wonderful to sit in our gazebo in the late evening. As Superintendent Scott invites you for the first cup of coffee, I extend an invite to you visit us in the gazebo for conversation and iced tea. I may also have a Girl Scout cookie or two.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. If you have any interesting happenings, I would like to hear about them. I especially like humorous stories. There must be a few or those around concerning harvest time. Keep smiling, do a good deed and GOD BLESS AMERICA.