Tuesday, March 22, 2016

View From The Bridge 3/23/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

May you have a wonderful religious or just a holiday with family and friends?  May the spring warmth of renewal be yours in abundance? (I didn’t get that from a card. It’s my own stuff.)

There was a very disappointing turnout of the lovely Tea last Saturday that was sponsored by the American Legion. There were 80 invitations sent out and 10 women attended.

All the tables at the Sunrise Bluffs dining room were set with lace tablecloths and each place had a beautiful tea cup from private collections. There were dainty cakes and cookies with a wide variety of tea choices.

Lovely Jamie Carrier entertained us with her guitar and great singing. I felt sad for those organizers who spent so much time and effort in setting up and baking desserts. I am speaking for the other 9 women who attended that we appreciated your efforts and had a very lovely time.

This event reminds me of long ago when there was a Red Hat organization. It fell apart because of the lack of participation.

This message is for all organizations and other events happening in Fort Benton.  Come on Folks! Get off your couch, and away from the TV and Smart Phones.  Get out and about, volunteer, and get to know your neighbor. O.K. I have said enough and know I will be in hot water again.

A cute meeting happened at the Buffs that made my visit happier. Mrs. Burmeister came up to me and introduced herself, (she is Tim’s Mom.) I told her that I call Tim “Boss,” and she said that she calls him “Son.” I should have asked her to use her influence with Tim to keep me on another year.

This organization has a fund raiser catalog that has food products like pasta etc.  There are some really neat gifts for wives to buy their husbands. There are food items for men to take hunting or fishing trip. It would be a different one-of-a-kind gift.

If you are interested in a catalog or seeing one, call Diane Jones @ 406-270-7021.  She would be happy to accommodate you.

I have to explain about the BIRD article I had in the River Press last week. I should have realized that hardly anyone except those who live in Carter would understand.

When I said that the Robins and Meadowlarks must have known that Paradise was in Carter, my thought about that was because the Carter Bar, (as it is called in the newspapers,) is actually named Paradise. Do you out of town-ers, who read the River Press, get my drift? Hopefully you will now understand.

Paradise Strip Bar is now closed and just briefly I inquired about what went on at the Chouteau County Courthouse Friday morning. (Bethany will report on the whole story.) The owner has to wait about 3 months before there will be a hearing on the license. He will reopen as just as the Carter Bar. I am really not concerned as I never frequented the Paradise Strip Bar. I would rather spend my time watching the birds. I wonder if the birds will still hang around Carter now that the Paradise is gone. Tweet Tweet!

By the time you read this the past Monday night was the second to last night for this season. Next Monday will be the last so come on over and make it a big one for the VFW fundraiser.

In the meanwhile, you can play at the Golden Age Senior Center on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. and at the Sunrise Bluffs on Friday evenings. I still cannot believe that I like Bingo. Perhaps it is just liking to get out of the house. See you there.

The full moon will be Wednesday evening. It will rise at 6:06 p.m. and set at 6:38 the next morning. I am writing this on Monday and already at night the moon is lighting up my rooms on the south side of the house. The skies have been clear most nights. Do you ever step out of the house at night and see the splendor in the sky? We are able to witness most every night the wonder of the universe and do we? I’m going to make an effort from now on.

On Saturday evening April 2nd will be Pub Night at the Ag Center.  By popular demand the C.C.P.A. Board brings back Tom Rigney and Flambeau. It is billed as raising the roof so come over and enjoy a great evening. I would like to watch some of our dancing partners on the floor. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the musical evening. It is spring and time to get out of the house.  Make the effort and I know you will enjoy yourselves.

Here is another example of my wish that the Elementary School Auditorium would have every seat filled with standing room only. So much work is put into arranging the C.C.P.A. programs so please make an effort to come to the performances. If you like music, you will like C.C.P.A. There are two performances left this season.  Let’s pack it in. See you there.

On April 2nd Loma Days will be in full swing. I know this message is a week and a half ahead of time but it is already on my calendar. I look forward to the fresh made donuts and the Taco Salads by Chandee. It is also fun to browse the Vendor’s tables. You never know what you will find that is a treasure to you. I’ll see you there; in fact, I’ll see you here, there, and everywhere.

There are so many kinds of apples, that if you ate a new one every day, it would take 20 years to try them all. (I figured that out and it means there are 7,300 kinds of apples. That also means that I eat 365 apples a year not counting apple pie.  Doesn’t seem possible but those are the figures. I am not even going to think about how many years I have been doing that.)


This morning I had to make an early trip to the Pharmacy.  One of the employees was up on a ladder installing a flag holder. A new American Flag was standing up against the wall and by the time I came out of the store, it was hanging. It just thrills me and makes me so proud. It’s time Folks to install a flag on your front porch if you do not already have one. I would love to see one on every house in Fort Benton.  Let’s be the Flag City of Montana.