Tuesday, May 31, 2011

View From The Bridge 6/1/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

On Sunday evening, PBS presented the National Memorial Day Concert from Washington, D.C. We look forward to this presentation each year as well as it being presented on the 4th of July.

Many stories are enacted by actors and actresses while the people the stories are about are in the audience. These stories are one of thousands of stories about love of country, heroism, and sacrifice. Honored was a 26 year old who is the first in a generation to receive the Medal of Honor. Another was a present day veteran who has brain damage. He was retired by the Army, and is a househusband while his wife has a job outside the home. Another was a mother whose son was killed and her desire to keep his memory alive. The program was an hour and a half long and I am sure that rivers of tears were shed.

The part that touched me the most was a song that was song by a singer whose name I do not know. However, I will never forget her or the song. I do not know if it was the title of the song but the line that touched me was, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.” Just do it.

It is what the weather news casters predicated…rain, rain, and more rain. There was a good crowd at The Old Bridge for the wreath service and then on to the cemetery. We were there yesterday to place lilacs on our loved ones graves and saw those that were placing flags on the Veterans gravesites. It was very moving and I would like to think that all this rain is tears from heaven on this Memorial Day.

Gather up a carload of your friends and head for Carter next Saturday morning.

Enjoy browsing through the Rummage Sale and then stay for lunch. There is a Bake Sale and Homemade Pies for your sweet tooth. I guarantee it will be a beautiful morning, sunshine and no need to even wear a sweater (over your clothes that is…thought I should clarify that.) See you there.

We missed out again because we did not know. We left on our trip on Thursday the 19th and the first thing I did that morning was go to the Post Office for The River Press. It would not be there until the afternoon and we would be on our way to the airport by that time.

I picked up the mail on Monday the 23rd, however did not have time to read it until Wednesday. I then had two weeks Riverpress papers to read. I sat down about 10:00 p.m. to enjoy a little quiet time and read my favorite newspaper. As I read the 18th edition, I saw that the Piatigorsky Concert was that evening and we missed it.

I have heard several reports that it was the best one yet. There were about 48 people in attendance and that was a good turnout. However, there could have been 50

people there if we had known. I still cannot believe that happened. How could that have slipped by? Someone could have reminded me on my social calendar here in the View and I may have remembered. Do remember that if you have a paid ad in The River Press, I can mention it here. At least it may help me to remember.

On Saturday the 28th, a report of the river height was 8.40 ft. That is almost 2 ft. higher than I reported two weeks ago. I checked today (Monday 2:15 p.m.) and the level is 7.50 ft. I emptied our rain gauge on last Monday and today it shows 2 in. of rain in the last week. I would like to know who ordered this weather although when I see the devastation in Joplin, Missouri I am grateful to be where I am.

Most of my extended family and friends know the story of the tornado that hit my home in Michigan in 1976. There were several hundred homes involved but not the total scene such as was at Joplin. There were two people killed in Michigan and one of my neighbors lost her leg when she was trapped by a huge piece of cement as her house was leveled. An incident such as any kind of loss of your home changes your life forever. Actually, I am grateful because I would never be in Montana if it were not for that tornado. It changed my life forever.

Joplin needs help and if any of you readers knows how to help them, please let me know. I do not do much face book or surfing on the internet but perhaps you do. My computer still hates me but the feeling is mutual. I do not think we will ever see eye to eye. I know that I am stubborn but my computer has me beaten by a mile. You would think we could get along as we spend so much time together. Not! Little does it know that it can be replaced.

We take a ride everyday to see what is going on with the Missouri. We have watched the island by the Bluffs disappear almost entirely. We would like to drive around Signal Point to see the eagle’s nest but it is too muddy. Spring is supposed to arrive on Wednesday and perhaps it will dry the land out. I am calling it, “The Spring That Wasn’t.” It is actually three weeks until summer. It is unreal.

There was another time that you Old Timers should remember. It was in 1953 and it rained 9 inches in 14 days. Roads and bridges washed out all over the county. It probably was not just Chouteau County but I would have to check the archives. Do any of you readers have stories about that storm?

I have nothing to report for social events. I know that most of you will be planting flower and vegetable gardens this week. It is about time. On the way to the cemetery this morning, I did not see any sign of yucca plants. There is a lot of greenery and that is pleasant to look at after the months and months of white and brown.

We have not been able to hang our flags out for a long while because of the rain and wind. I hope to see many of them hanging soon. Enjoy every minute of every day and give those good deeds a try.