Tuesday, March 26, 2019

View from The Bridge 3/27/19

By Muncie

Judy from Loma called a few weeks ago to report she had spotted robins in her yard. From the reports I received this past week it must have taken the robins some time to get to Fort Benton. Toots Hayden told me last Thursday that she had two robins in her yard. Saturday, Gladys Perez called to report that her son saw at least a dozen robins, at the same time, in her yard. They must have come in on a tour because they did not stay long.

No matter what the sightings or the conditions the robins are here to stay for the spring and summer. I am thrilled about that.

How did you get through the piles of snow around the hollow tree to decorate for St. Patty’s day? I actually did not see it until last week when I was able to get out and about on my GoGo for the first time.

Now I have to discuss Easter with you. As you must know, it is time to decorate for that holiday. I have the rabbit and large metal carrot that you did not pick up last year, in my garage. I will gladly put them in the tree if you would pick up your green shamrocks.

Now everyone is asking if you were the one who put the flower on the levee? I heard conversation at the Senior Center that it must have been Nancy Lachepelle? I asked Nancy and she said that the flower is crocheted and she does not crochet. So now the question is it the same WHO, who does the hollow tree decorations or is it a new WHO?

O.K. so what else do we have to pass the time? I know that you will never tell but that is great. I would not if I were you. Too many people would then ask your advice for decorating. I just want to thank you for what you are doing to keep us guessing as to WHO you are?

Jill Zeren from Humana Insurance will be in Fort Benton next Friday the 29th from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Golden Age Senior Center. (Several of her trips to Fort Benton from Great Falls were cancelled because of the weather.) She will be answering all the questions you have to ask about your insurance coverage.

The COMMUNITY BUS will be making an extra trip that day to pick up those people who need a ride to the Senior Center. If you call Nancy at 868-6210, she will pick up at your home.


A week from next Monday, the 8th of April, will be the next to the last Chouteau County Performing Arts program. Please do not miss this show featuring the O Sole Trio. They were a huge success at the Consortium that was held in Fort Benton in January of 2018. Everyone who attended that event asked that the Trio came back to Fort Benton. The two Guys and a Gal are from New York City and their performance is outstanding.

Please remember my dream to fill the auditorium at the Elementary School with 400 people. (I know that the weather had much to do with the attendance at the last couple of C.C.P.A. shows but 130 people just does not do it.)

It may be raining but I promise that the snow will be gone. (I am really going out on a limb with this one.) So, see you there. Bring your friends and neighbors. They will love you for it.

Just a reminder that Loma Flea Market will be on Saturday April the 6th starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m.

Can you Old Timers believe that this is the 48th anniversary of this event? I would love to hear from anyone who went to that first Flea Market and what was it called then? I am in the phone book. This is my 25th year of attending. I look forward to it every year. See you there!

I was able to get out and about this past week. The Fort Benton Chamber of Commerce had their annual meeting called Spring Thaw last Saturday night.

Five different eating establishments furnished the buffet tables. The choices were all so delicious. I cannot name them for you because there were too many that I cannot remember. I do remember chicken kabobs, meatballs, pasties, and cheesecake for dessert. I am sorry for those who furnished us with food whose names I cannot come up with.

There was a live and silent auction with fantastic items that were donated. There was a band called Exit 53 who had couples dancing and singing along. (I was never able to find out why the name Exit 53? Where is Exit 53? I will check into that.)

It was a fun evening and got me out of the apartment on a day in March I have sad memories of. I loved the name of your event. It was certainly a Spring Thaw.

I was able to get out and about again on Sunday. The Spring Art Fest was held at the Ag Center. It was very exciting to watch local artists start their particular art work and have it finished in an hour or so. Then the pieces were auctioned off and there was so much fun to watch.

Most of the artists are involved in the Prairie Rose store. I enjoyed the way the auctioneer told stories about when the autist began painting and how they developed in the art world.

It was noted that the crowd was larger than last year. The word is getting around and that is the best way to get more of an audience.