Tuesday, December 4, 2018

View From The Bridge 12/5/18

By Muncie

I am adjusting my life to never make plans again. I promised you readers that I would not mention the weather again but… On December 1st, the big day for Chouteau County Country Christmas, it ruined all my plans for a wonderful day with my daughter, Jennifer. It snowed more in Great Falls and when she got up on Hwy 87 she almost turned around and went back home. The road became more drivable as she neared Fort Benton, because the snow had not yet reached that far north.

She arrived later than planned and we went immediately to the Ag Center because I wanted lunch and to hear the Barber Shoppe Quartet. We were able to check out more than half the vendors before lunch and continued the rest afterward. The variety of Christmas items was fantastic and endless. I talked with several vendors who had homemade items. Yes, they work all year to prepare for the shows they participate in. Wow! That amounts to a whole lot of hours.

I sat with Randy and Connie at their table while Jennifer went to try on something called “leggings.” (What are leggings? In my day they were heavy pants that you wore in the winter when you were outside. (Do today’s leggings take the place of panty hose?)

Randy was selling raffle tickets for the Lion’s “Cash for Christmas.”

The winner will be announced at the Christmas Concert next Sunday. (You do not have to be present to win and if you are there and win, you get your cash immediately. It doesn’t get any better than that.)

Randy only had about 12 or 13 tickets when I sat down and when I departed about a half an hour later, he had only 2 tickets left. I am really looking forward to next Sunday when the 4 winners are announced.

Jennifer did drive me to Front Street where I visited with a couple of businesses. It was very cold and I wanted her to be on her way before it started getting dark. So, my day was literally cut in half.

It was a fun day though and thanks to the many friends who came up to me to say hello and Merry Christmas.

I am looking forward to reading “Over the River” by  Robyn Scribner and Highwood News by Kristen Brady to see how their CCCC went. Merry Christmas to all our readers in Geraldine and Highwood.

I didn’t make it to the tree lighting on Saturday evening. I am feeling old when I don’t want to go out at night. I am looking forward to the 22nd of this month when the days begin getting longer.

The decorating of homes and businesses was so well participated in. I am sure that Bethany, the editor at the River Press, will report the winners. I really hope we have a warm spell so I can walk the street. What I have seen so far is delightful. I know it is a whole lot of work. I want to see all the businesses face to face as it is difficult to see all the details while riding in a vehicle.

Philip Aaberg is known all over the world as a pianist. He is a professional artist. My wish is that the auditorium on December 9th is filled to capacity in his honor. He is a Montanan and lives in Chester. Read all about him in the CCPA ad or if you have kept your CCPA program booklet. You cannot be anything but impressed by his talent. See you at the Fort Benton Elementary School at 3:00 p.m.

This news was music to my ears. I have been trying for several years to get someone to write about what is going on at the High School. The students at the High School are so fortunate to have this kind of program.

May I suggest that a name for your articles be found perhaps with a contest? I am sure you can come up with a name that is clever and eye-catching. I will look forward to that. Perhaps something like “View from the School.” JUST KIDDING!

How I would have enjoyed classes such as journalism, yearbook, and speech and drama. I loved my late husbands’ stories about speech and drama classes’ way back in 1940 and 1941. Only Seniors were allowed to take those classes. Wally was allowed as a Junior. Julius Caesar as a play was in the planning stage and Wally memorized the Julius part overnight. The teacher then let him take the class and he was the only Junior to do that. (Even to the day he passed in 2014, he could recite that speech.) How I would love to have that kind of retentive memory.

Another wish of mine is that a Fort Benton High School student will someday take over “View from the Bridge.” It will be 20 years next year that I began writing it. It is getting time for someone young to take over.

As I read the River Press about accidents that have happened to local residents, I am feeling better about my Scooter accident. Yes, that is what they are…accidents. They happen and so fast there is no stopping them. I read about Miriam Bramlette getting hit by a car that was in such a hurry it went around the car that stopped for Miriam and Bruce to cross the street. I have often noticed that people get impatient waiting for traffic to move ahead. What is their hurry? How does one feel when they have caused an accident and someone is injured. I would not like to experience that.

Patty Paulson broke her leg and not knowing it for several days she continued to walk on it.

Only my pride was hurt in my accident and a few layers of skin off my elbow. It was an accident and I cannot play the thoughts of “what if?”

If you hear about someone who has an accident, would you please let me know? I would like to check it out. Most people do not want anyone to know and if that is their desire I would keep my lip zipped. 

I am renaming my GoGo. I am now going to call it “Scooter” because when I talk about my GoGo no one seems to understand. I just hope that it understands my commands with the new name. Scooter may not understand when I say GoGo ahead. It just may understand “scoot ahead now” when I reach a corner. Oh well, so much of technology.

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