Tuesday, April 24, 2012

View From The Bridge 4/25/12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Two years ago, Eternal Threads sold their beautiful handmade articles at the First Christian Church.  They are returning next Sunday the 29th from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Eternal Threads provides literacy programs and vocational training, anti-trafficking border units of women and children in Nepal (this one frightens me,) project development to help more women, educating girls and establishing sewing centers, and providing goats and sewing machines.

The profits from the sale of the beautiful products they make go back entirely to Eternal Threads.  The First Christian Church provides the extras.  The countries involved are India, Madagascar. Nepal, Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, and the World.  Their products include jewelry, weaving, knitting, and sewed items.  You have to see to believe how intricate their work is.

With her income, a woman will access nutritious food and health care, send children to school, avoiding child labor, protect herself and her children from trafficking and exploitation, and earn respect and improved standing in her home and community.

Come over to the First Christian Church next Sunday for a little shopping and a lot of fellowship.  See you there.    

Did you call the school to sign up because it is that time of year again when the Elementary School students show the seniors that they appreciate them?  If you forgot to register, please come.  The school just wanted a general idea about the number of people that will attend.

The youngsters honor us because they know that although we no longer have children in school, we support the school with our taxes and have for years.  I do not know a senior that has ever voted no on a levy.  We all know how important education is.  These youngsters are our future and they are such a pleasure with which to chat with because they are so bright and articulate.  They are so  anxious to wait on us by guiding us to our seats, getting our meal if we cannot, and are around constantly to see if there is any more we could want.  To top it all off, each grade entertains us.  See you there.

Here is your chance once again to get rid of “clutter.”  If you have not used it in a year, it is likely you will never use it again.  The huge dumpsters will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again the following weekend.  Something I learned the last pickup was that if I could not get to the dumpster at the times posted, (read schedules in the City of Fort Benton ad,) you could dump at any time by yourself.  There will be an attendant during posted hours.  I never seem to be able to make it during the day but some evenings are free.  Take advantage of this service, it only comes around twice a year.

An anonymous note of appreciation for those involved in WWII was left at the Sunrise Bluffs.  We feel that it was someone who lives in the Bluffs.  It was beautifully written and I would like to have it in print, however I would like to know whom it was.  I do not want to print it without permission and I will not revel your name if you do not want me to.  It is such a heartfelt tribute to those who lived through WWII, that it should be shared.  Please let Karla know who you are as soon as possible.

On Tuesday the 17th, Mary and Betty, (the friends I volunteer with at the Joel Overholser Research Center at the Ag Center,) and I took a road trip to Loma to see the Blue Herons nesting area.  What an exciting time it was.  It was easy to locate and we counted 23 nests.  A heron was standing up in one of the nests and with binoculars Betty could see birds in a half dozen other nests.  It was quite a sight and something none of us had ever seen before.

I returned on this past Sunday afternoon with friends from Great Falls.  We could see many more herons in their nests and several of them flying.  Have any of you readers made the trip?  Please let me know your reactions.

Other news in Loma is that the huge electricity poles are being removed from the center of town.  Several years ago, I wrote about those poles that come from Great Falls source of electrical power.  The poles end at the Fort Peck Dam and the power was needed the build the dam.  The poles come into Hwy. 87 on the right hand side at about the 20 mile marker and at Carter they cross the road and run along the left hand side to Loma.  The poles near Loma will now be located about two to three miles west and next month will be the final hookup.  The poles in town will then be removed.

Actually, I was hardly aware of those poles until I learned about plans to remove them.  Yes, they do run right through the middle of town.  Take note the next time you drive to Loma or through it.  It actually is a piece of history.

There are many events happening in the month of May.  Remember Mother’s Day, high school graduation, the last of meeting for many organizations until next fall, Memorial Day celebrations, the Backroads of Montana featuring Wayne Hampton, the last Pie Day until fall and these are all I know about now.  I will try to remind you about them as we go through the month.

On Memorial Day, there will be a reception at the Sunrise Bluffs.  After the
“Memorial Wreath Ceremony” at the Old Bridge and the “Ceremony at the Veterans Graves” at the cemetery, the reception at the Bluffs will be a viewing of photos of  those who served our country from the Civil War to the present day.  There are 211 photos hanging and the committee may have a few more by the end of the month.  Please join us to honor those brave protectors of our country.  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS