Tuesday, May 14, 2019

View From The Bridge 5/15/19

By Muncie

I didn’t have time last week to report on the annual Elementary School luncheon. I was enjoying the yearly appreciation luncheon at the Mountain View location when two women who sat across from us mentioned that the Elementary School Senior luncheon was at 1:00. There was no way I would miss this event so I got on my go-go and headed for the school. Since I did not call in a reservation, I found that I did not have a name tag. I was seated to wait for a cancelation that came very quickly. I choose a seat at a front table so I could hear and enjoy the program.

Lunch was the usual wonderful turkey dinner and dessert was ice cream or strawberries. I choose the strawberries and they were yummy. I really enjoy the way the youngsters were around the room constantly to fill water, lemonade, and coffee cups. They are so serious and grown-up.

I love this Senior Luncheon because of the entertainment. Each grade does their own thing and they were the greatest lead by Eric Lenington. (This is when I found out that Eric will be leaving Fort Benton. He will be sorely missed but we sent the best of everything for him. I am sure he will be back often to visit because he is a Fort Benton boy.)

So, on with the show. In other years the students went in the audience to find their grandparents. The final item on the agenda is for them to dance. This year it was the best ever because they played YMCA. Karen Lippert and her grandson were standing in front of me and by observing them I finally learned how to do YMCA. I previously had to think about each letter. From now on I am a devoted YMCA advocate.

Thank you to everyone at the Elementary School for this appreciation day. I know that all the Seniors and Grandparents look forward to this special day. You all put so much effort into the food and the decorations. Only in a small town do you find this kind of event. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

It is so hard to believe that May is half over. Memorial Day is less than 2 weeks away. That means that I am on my mission to ask everyone to fly an American Flag on their front porch. I know that you are all proud to be Americans so show it by flying a flag. You readers have plenty of time to purchase a flag and get it up. My dream is that every residence in Fort Benton flies our precious flag. Please help my dream come true and make Fort Benton the Flag City of Montana.     

I am working on this article on Sunday, Mother’s Day. It is 3:00 in the afternoon and the temperature on my weather station is 84 degrees. On the Fort Benton web the temperature is 85 degrees. What a beautiful day and I am sure that this will help the trees bud out. I know that the cottonwoods are a bit slower but all others should now have a good start.

I believe that son Randy said two years ago he took pictures of the lilac trees in full bloom on April 15th. Are any of your lilac trees in bloom? There are not any lilac trees along the walking trail for me to check them out.

A lovely 80th birthday party was held last Saturday at the Club House for Pat Wutschke. It was a great party and I was able to GoGo to the Club House because of the early time of the party, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Pat agreed with me when we talked about how the older you get the faster the time goes. I also thanked her again for always providing me with the date of the Loma Flea Market. I do not have many people who call me with stories. The only other person who would often call me was Joan Albers. There have also been several callers who let me know the arrival of robins and meadowlarks. I really appreciate those calls.

The question about why perms are called permanents when they are not was not my observation. It belonged to son Randy so I am sorry to tell him that no one called me with a better name. I came up with swirl curl and temp curl but I did not get any support to the several people I talked to. (I wish that were all I had to spend time on or rather waste time on. I do it because it is fun.)

You know it is spring when The Freeze opens. Most years when the scholarship program day is on the calendar we go to the Freeze afterward to celebrate. Not this year as the Freeze opened on Friday. We did however make a trip on Friday for one of their great pork chop sandwiches, tater tots and hot fudge sundae’s. It was a bit chilly so we sat inside. It was so good to see Lauri and Murray again with their friendly smiles and greetings. I have to add that all of our business owners do the same. They are always happy to see you and that you shop locally. I do hope that you do that because this shopping on line and have it delivered to your home is proving to be very difficult for small business owners. (I heard this on the TV news.)

Now that we do not have to wear heavy winter coats or jackets, please wear your “Support Our Troops” t-shirt on Friday. Any red shirt is acceptable - just do it. Our Troops need lots of support. Our Troops do the job because they love our country and are willing to give their lives for it. Would you be willing to do that? Thank you to those of you who did do that in the last century. We love you and will be honoring you in a couple of weeks when Memorial Day will be upon us. See you there!