Tuesday, October 4, 2016

View From The Bridge 10/5/16

By Muncie

I am excited about the start of the Chouteau County Performing Arts programs this month. I like to be entertained with music. On Monday evening the 26th the Beverly Belles will bring back to Fort Benton the timeless melodies and unforgettable entertainment of the Andrew Sisters. These sisters were such a great part of WWII. They gave countless performances for the Military at home and overseas.

It was a time of war and just out of the depression of 1929. Movies were the big entertainment at the time and the Andrew Sisters sang their way through many movies. I do not know anyone who did not love them.

If you are a music lover, you will appreciate the perfection of their performances. The Andrew Sisters were in perfect harmony as are the Beverly Belles. You will understand every word as they sing songs that will bring back wonderful memories. Be sure not to miss this one or actually any of the other 7 shows that are on the ticket. Your cost will be $5.62 and ½ cents a show. These are professional shows such as you would see on Broadway or in Las Vegas. Shows there would cost you upwards of $75.00 a show.

So grab your phones to call for a ticket and your check book for the best entertainment you will ever see in Fort Benton, MT. I can hardly wait and want to see you there. Please support your local businesses and local programs and events.

You must have your season ticket by now but if not check you River Press ads for the phone numbers to call. You get a little break by buying you tickets before the first show.

There are approximately 400 seats in the Fort Benton Elementary auditorium.  My dream is to see all of them filled. Let my dream come true this year by attending all the performances. If you purchase the season’s ticket and you cannot attend some of the shows, please give your ticket to someone else. Once they have attended a show and see how enjoyable it is, they will want to attend regularly.

If you know someone who would like to attend but doesn’t have a ride, offer to pick them up.  Many of our residents cannot drive or do not drive at night. At our last Pie Day, I heard this happen. A person was talking about buying a ticket if she could get a ride. The person sitting next to her offered to pick her up. Now that is being a good neighbor.

I am so happy that my Oops Big Time story make you laugh and that you enjoyed it. I find it good when I can laugh at myself. I am finally recovering from the terrible feeling I had when I discovered the stubs were gone and remembering what I had done with them.

It was “Sleepless in Fort Benton” for those two nights before I could get to that dumpster at the Ag Center. But all is well that ends well and fortunately it did for me. Someone out there loves me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Another addition to the Quilt story is the many comments we received about the beauty of the quilts. You had to see them up close and personal to see how stunning they were.  

Margo, you did a perfect job on the quilts and made the job of selling raffle tickets much easier. Once they were seen, the thought of winning one of them became uppermost in everyone’s mind.

Our first winner, B.J. Conn McIntosh who lives in Oregon, never saw the quilt before it was sent to her. Dave Louvar bought his ticket at the Golf Course where the quilt was on display.  I am so happy for the winners because they were so appreciative and have both promised that someday the quilts will find their way to the Ag Museum. Thank you for that and enjoy your winnings.

It just seems as though I wrote up September moon and now it is October. The moon is called the Harvest Moon every two or three years depending on the equinox. You knew that of course because I told you last month.

That is about all I could find on the October moon. There were no other names. The full moon will occur on Sunday the 16th. According to my findings, it should be as big and bright as the September moon was.

On Thursday of last week I was able to get to the Golden Age Senior Center for an afternoon of Bingo. I saw boys walking back and forth in front of the building. It turns out that they were Longhorn boys who were washing the windows of the stores they had painted on for Home Coming.

I was told that when they asked permission to paint on the windows of the businesses they said they would return and wash them as well. And that they did and did a great job.

I wished that the paintings could stay a little longer because I enjoyed seeing them every time I went down Front St. That happens to be almost every day. It was a job well done and showed a spirit of community pride. Pride is something we in Fort Benton, Montana and the United States of America need more of. Pride in your community promotes pride in yourself.

I attended this meeting as a columnist for the River Press. (Actually, I am just curious and wanted to see who shows up.) If you were not there and most were not, we learned a lot and it was a laugh a minute. The two guest speakers were Sarah Calhoun from White Sulphur Springs who owns the Red Ants Pants business and Courtney McKee from Butte who has a distillery business. Courtney also began the Red Ants Music Festival in Butte which has spread its fame actually all over the country.

We were also treated to finger foods that were out of this world made by the Wake Cup staff and sponsored by Chris and Terri Halko. They were “Mr. and Mrs. Small Business Owners” of several months ago when they purchased the Liquor Store and Toggery.

The Road show was held at the Culberson House as guests of Amanda and Mike Bedford and Jamie and Shaun Carrier who are “Mr. and Mrs. Small Business Owners of the month.

We learned so much about starting a business, financing, and the many other problems associated with starting a new business. These people are young, strong, energetic, focused, smart, and willing to sacrifice for their dream.

You know it is fall when no one is sitting outside at the Pour House.  It is also not summer when they don’t have the sprinklers on. If you do not know what that is all about, I will tell you. When it is really hot, the Pour House has a very light, misty spray coming down from overhead.  It feels so good if you sit outside, walk by, or when I ride my GoGo by. You should experience it but now you will have to wait until next summer.

I should have looked ahead at my calendar because I had it marked in October that Bingo at the VFW began on Monday the 3rdh at the Club House. I hope all you fans found that in the River Press. It hardly seems possible that it is beginning again when it was just yesterday for the last games of the season.

The schedule is every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 7:00 p.m. See you there to support the VFW with all their wonderful work in our community.

The Golden Age Senior Center’s bingo games have been on-going for a month now. Their schedule is every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and depending on how fast the games go, you will be out shortly after 3:00 p.m.

There is a small group of us and the Center would like to see more players. The more the merrier they say. I know this schedule is geared more to those who are retired so come on down and join us.

Since colder weather is approaching, you may have more time for yourself. Your work outside is limited and with that time on your hands you may want to fill those time slots. What better way than to get a few family members and friends to spend the afternoon together.

If this push for more participants brings out about a half dozen more players, I get to play for free. (JUST JOKING FOLKS.) I can afford a $1.00 a card and love to watch the pros that play 4 to 6 cards at a time. I wonder how long it will take me to get to that point.  I can hardly handle two.