Tuesday, February 16, 2016

View From The Bridge 2-17-16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Wow!  I am going around with a very big, almost bursting, EGO this past week. Ken and Henry complimented me about View from the Bridge and put it in writing. It cheered up my whole week.

Most of the readers who talk to me have said they read the back page first. Of course that is what I do because I like to see how much space I took up. I can check on my computer on how many spaces I have used but somehow it looks different when it is actually printed.

I do have a great regard for all the Service personnel that give of their time and talents to serve the public. I really enjoyed the story about the Chouteau County Dispatch Center. What a tremendous service 911 is. Have you ever been to the Sheriff’s office and seen the set up for 911? It reminded me of all that is going on when a missile is launched. There are all kinds of blinking lights and other things happening that I have no clue as to what they are.

I called 911 eight (8) times in 2013 for my Sweetheart Wally. The time I felt bad about calling was at 5:00am when Wally fell out of bed. I could not lift him. All of those EMT Volunteers had to be wakened. The other seven (7) times it was because of Wally’s heart problems. Can you even imagine my gratitude?

I could go on all day about the Police Department has done for me. I have never had any personal dealings with the Fire Department but I know they are there when needed. All of these above mentioned are such dangerous jobs especially in today’s society when some seriously mentally ill individuals have weapons in their possession.

Yes, I honor all of these organizations and that is why I sign off the View with GOD BLESS all of them.

A week ago Sunday there was a program honoring the Four Chaplains who gave up their life jackets to others when the ship was sinking. They went down holding hands and praying. It is an inspiring story and the program was put on by the American Legion and the VFW and so well done.

There were only about 12 residents, those who were part of the program, and the Color Guard in attendance. This was the first time that this program was held in Fort Benton. I realize that it was on Super Bowl Sunday and there will be adjustments next year on the time if it happens to fall on that Sunday. I would like to see the Community Bible Church filled to capacity because it is a program honoring our Troops.

Last week’s presentation was one of the best ever with ventriloquist, Lynn Trefzger.  It was a constant stream of laughter. I really enjoyed her use of the audience and her spontaneous lines for each individual.

Another surprise was the introduction of Jace Thompson, 12 years old, living in Fort Benton. He did an act before Lynn and what a great comedian he is. Who knew? Jory, where have you been hiding his boy of yours?

I am going to suggest that Jace do a Christmas skit to perform at the Christmas Concert since it is all local entertainers. What do you think about that idea C.C.P.A. Board?

I would also like to see the auditorium filled to capacity. Please support C.C.P.A.

Last Friday was Pie Day. In my observance, I think it was the most successful of all Pie Days.

As much as I write about various events around town so residents support those events…I was about to give up. It did not seem as though my writing/reminding about Pie Day, C.C.P.A., and other supporting events did much good. I was getting discouraged about it and actually thought about giving it all up.

But Pie Day was really great.  People were actually lined up to get their pie. Several tables were filled with 8 pie-eaters at each table. That was a tremendous improvement over the last time when there were 5 women only at the table. Now, some did come in a buy a piece of pie or a whole pie, but they are hard to count.

I was also pleased that I had a piece of my favorite pie, Cherry-Cranberry. I do not know who makes it but it has not been around for a while. It was so delicious and several at my table enjoyed it.
I really appreciate Pie Day and all of you Golden Age Women Members who bake those pies. I believe that there are only 3 months left for Pie Day before they are ended for the season. I’ll keep reminding you and see you there next month on the 2nd Friday at 1:00pm.

I do not like the month of March for personal reasons. To add to my list was the Weatherman’s report that records show the month of March has more snow than any other month.

Since we have been enjoying almost spring like weather, it is depressing to think that March may bring us snow. I also realize that our Farmers need a snow cover for the winter wheat and that is the only reason I would welcome more snow. Actually, I like the snow…it is the cold blowing wind that is hard to take. We will just have to wait and see and no matter what comes along…we all share it.

All regular meetings are planned for March.  There will be no C.C.P.A. until April 2nd. Oh, there is the St. Patty’s Day celebration at Amy’s Square Butte Country Club.  If any of the Organizations or Churches has any events planned, please let me know about two weeks in advance. There is always Bingo at the Club House sponsored by the VFW every 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00pm. I’m hooked now.  I really enjoy the other addicts and we are a Bingo family. We would like some of the Old-Timers to come back and join us.

Next Saturday, the 20th, at 2pm the Salvation Nation Music Group will perform at the Sunrise Bluffs. Please take time out from your busy schedules to attend this special program. Help to make a good showing of people in Fort Benton who appreciate great music.

After the first meeting, when the members decided to remain Friends of the Library or a Book Club, it is off and running. A first book was discussed and the next two meetings will have author/speakers who will share their books with us. The May meeting will be a pot-luck luncheon. It is not too late to join this fun group who are also like family.

One night last week I drove home in the dark. In the four blocks of Main Street I saw two homes with one that had a green bulb in a lamp in the window and the other had a green bulb in the porch light. Please purchase a green bulb and install it on your home. Remember…it is my dream and you want to make me happy don’t you?

If a part of your body falls asleep, you can wake it up by shaking your head.