Tuesday, November 20, 2012

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

We have a lovely young woman who moved to Fort Benton a month and a half ago who is making a difference.  She began a movement to collect coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, for the victims of the Sandy storm.  She has enough coats at this time but is collecting monetary donations.  If you would like to go that route, please contact Amber Steers at 781-9199 for information as to how to make that kind of donation.  The packages are being mailed this week and her father, Jim Steers, is picking up the tab. 

Amber began this campaign because her sister, Kaylie, who lives in Florida, was working there for the storm victims.  Amber said that she could not believe the generosity of Fort Bentonites.  Her Mom is the treasurer of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Fort Benton and her Dad is the manager at Jim Taylor’s Auto Sales.  Her Dad is retired from the Air Force and Amber has moved seven times in her 23 years.  She was born in Great Falls while her Dad was at Malmstrom but also lived in England, Germany and many states in the United States.  Amber said that of all the places she has been, she thinks that Fort Benton is the best. 

Her hobbies are playing softball in Great Falls, and fishing.  She caught her first sturgeon last week in Loma and was very excited about it.  I forgot to tell her that when she catches her first catfish, I would like to know about it.  It is my favorite.

We had a very nice visit and I am happy to know her.  She did a project that I happen to know that several people talked about but did not carry through.  Kudos to you Amber and I hope that you stay here in Fort Benton for a long while.

First order of business is to say I am sorry that I said last week that Bingo was an old lady’s game.  I did not mean to offend my old lady friends but since I am one of them, I did not think that they would think a thing about it.  I did not actually get any feedback but when I played at the Club House on Monday evening, (the 12th,) I found that there were old men there too.  There were 15 players that evening as compared with the first evening when there were 10 players.  Looks as though it is catching on.  Remember that it is a fundraiser for the VFW.

Matt Patrias is the Quarter Master for the VFW and is in charge of the Bingo evenings.  If you enjoyed the Monday games and the Turkey Bingo, be sure to let him know.

What a fun evening and what a crowd that turned out on Saturday.  Matt and I guest-a-mated there were 75 people who showed up. It could have been leftovers from the Bobcat/Griz game but whatever; it was more fun with more people participating. Lo and behold, there were many young people. Connie and I were a tad-late to find a place to sit.  Matt quickly commandeered another banquet table for more players.  There were nine “Bingoer’s” or would it be, “Bingoee’s” at our table and there were six winners.  It played out as four winners because both Sandy and Gary were duel winners in separate games and had to draw for the highest card for the winner. They both drew the low card.  Sandy drew a 2 and the other person drew a 3.  How weird was that?

The next “Bingo” evening will be the 26th of November at 7:00 p.m.  See you there.  I am thinking that those who no longer live in Fort Benton and subscribe to the River Press are snickering about me reporting on bingo games.  Whoever thought that I would be writing about Bingo?  What would you call us?  Are we desperate “cabin fever” folks looking for any event to get out of the house?  Exactly!

A week from Saturday begins the Christmas season in Chouteau County.  The Country Christmas is always a great success because it seems that everyone has the “Christmas Spirit.”  Read all about it in the River Press and keep the schedule on your frig.  Remember to shop all the local stores as well and most of them have treats.  (I especially like the cookies that Judy Hazen makes at the Riverview Greenhouse.  Her lemon bars are out of this world yummy.)  I know that you can get all your shopping done in that couple of day’s time and you do not have to travel far. 

Do not forget the free concert on Sunday.  It was so enjoyable last year and I know it will be equally as enjoyable this year.  See you there.

We lost another good friend this past week.  However, we are sure that he is in a better place that does not have a weed in sight.  That is how we all have known him lately as “The Weed Killer.”  He would show up in the spring with his spray gun and get rid of those obnoxious weeds in our lawn.  He would also fertilize and make our lawns look fairly presentable.  We were always so happy to see him.  He was a friend to all that knew him and we will miss him especially when spring rolls around.  No one could ever take his place. 

The second paragraph of the Red Friday brochure reads:  “Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that…Every red=blooded American who supports our men and women afar, will wear something red.  By word of mouth, press (our River Press,) TV, and any way possible!  Let’s make the United States on every Friday a sea of red.”

Our Morger family has had three grandsons in Afganistan.  They are all back in the United States now.  Last Thursday a fourth grandson was deployed. You all must know how supportive we are.  Isn’t there any other family out there who has a young man or woman in Afganistan or any other foreign country?   Please let me know.