Tuesday, October 2, 2012

View From The Bridge 10/3/12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

About two months ago, someone e-mailed me that two of the memorial plaques on benches/tables were loose.  I forwarded the message to Myrna and Denny Allen, as they are the super chargers who put the plaques on the benches and tables.  When next I talked with Myrna, she said she did not get the message.  She gave me Denny’s e-mail address again, I forwarded it, and they did not receive the message.

Dashiel, (Randy’ son,) visited Fort Benton for two weeks on leave after spending almost a year in Afganistan, did some cleaning up on my computer.  I told him to clear everything I did not need and away went my sent messages.

I am in great hopes that the person who sent the message about the plaques will read the River Press and contact me again.  (I have the typical old-age problem of great long-term memory and worrisome short-term memory.)  I would like to know which plaques they were because last week I discovered that two of the plaques are missing.  Were they pried off or did they just become loose?  Last week I said, “Enough already” however, I did not think that more objects so precious to those that purchased them, would be vandalized.  Perhaps, thinking positively, someone found them and did not know quite what to do with them.  Perhaps, someone saw the plaques being pried off or knows their whereabouts.  If that is so, please return them to me.  It is very important that they be returned. 

I have not heard any word about the Old Bridge Historic Designation plaque about which I wrote last week.  I will wait a little while longer and then order a new one.  We have a plan that will assure us that the plaque will never be taken, removed, or lost again.

What an exciting week this will be with the Homecoming events planned.  “I Love a Parade,” is a great song and it runs through my head with each Fort Benton parade.  I enjoy the returning students examining all the graduation pictures in the high school hallways.  There is more excitement in the football stands as they are full-up.  The concessions are very busy and the 50/50 ticket is worthwhile to buy.  If I promise that an alumni will win, would you purchase twice as many tickets?  (Just a joke because then no one else will buy a ticket.)  It makes Fort Benton come alive as does Summer Celebration and the Chouteau County Fair.
So put on all your Fort Benton gear and enjoy this year’s Homecoming celebration.  See you out and about around town.  GO LONGHORNS.

Amazing!  None of the old timers can believe a September that did not have a frost or a snowfall.   But then, who can believe that September is over?  We would like it to go on forever but with one addition…rain.  Forecasters say that perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday will bring us cooler weather and rain.  Gosh, I sure hope they are right about the rain.  I’ve been practicing my “Rain Dance” but to no
avail.  Only proves the point that no-one listens to me.  If it does rain, I am going to go outside and just stand in it.  What fun!  I loved to do that very thing when I was a kid. 

I realize that some of you readers have had problems with squirrels.  I would like to hear about it.  In my yard last spring, I had two squirrels that gave us a lot of pleasure watching their antics while eating, scampering around the yard after each other, and climbing up onto the shed roof or Linda’s roof next door.

Not long afterward, there was only one squirrel and it came to visit us every day.  When we were in Great Falls for 17 days at the hospital and rehab, the squirrel was not fed.  We have only seen it once since. 

Randy and Wally worked in the compost bins a week or so ago putting leaves into the grinder from the leaf bin.  Randy came in afterward and said that he had good news and bad news.  I took the good news first that was they had gotten many leaves ground up.  The bad news was that they found one of the squirrels in the leave bin quite dead.  It was difficult to determine how it met its demise.  Perhaps that is why the other squirrel never returned. 

Last week I told you about an occupational therapist from Benefis West who comes to Fort Benton every year for dinner at the Grand Union on their wedding anniversary.  They were celebrating their 19th year together.  Today, (Sunday, I met another couple on the Levee Walking Trail who were celebrating their 34th anniversary at the Grand Union.  They were from Denton and it was not their first visit to our town.  Their other visits were for other reasons however, they said they would be returning every year for their anniversary.  After I did my story about Fort Benton’s attractions, they said that they would return to visit the Museums, the Village, the Old Fort, and the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center.

With the fall season upon us, it is a good time to cleanup the plots of dead flowers, trimming bushes, and pulling weeds.  Now that I am walking every day, I am taking notice of the looks of the Levee Trail.  My plot probably needs the most work.  The rocks that were placed under the new bridge are washing down.  I do not know where the water is coming from.  This summer just passed me up as far as outside chores.  To work outside was much too hot.  I expect the next few weeks will produce more energetic working days.  By the way, there are still plots to be adopted.  Please consider it seriously.  Our Levee Trail is one of Fort Benton’s most attractive assets.