Tuesday, February 23, 2016

View From The Bridge 2/24/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

How many times have you heard, “I don’t have time to do this or that?” How many times have I said that?

I heard this solution on one of the debates last week and it struck home. It was, “You have to make time.” So, on this printed page I swear I will never again say, “I don’t have time.”

Even though I do not watch a lot of TV, I am going to give up some to do things like work on my Income Tax. Some other projects are like catching up with my last two bank statements because I have to balance to the penny. I have e-mails to answer. I formed a new project in my head and put on the back burner.  I’ll keep you posted.

Just think about this for a while and I know that you will come to the same conclusion. Just do it and support me to never forget.

I drove by the High School on Saturday and there was not a parking place left on any of the streets. The Wrestling matches must have been well attended. I know that Bethany will have it well covered as far as results where I am more interested in attendance numbers.

I send appreciation to the Wrestlers, their parents and grandparents for all the support they give the teams. I can only guess at the time, energy, and driving you have to do to support your Kids. It is such a labor of love.

At almost the last minute on Friday I found that I would be going to Havre for the Girl’s game at 5:30pm. The Blue Ponies gym is a great facility and I am curious as to why they are the BLUE Ponies instead of just Ponies. Does anyone know? I’ll check into it if I do not hear from anyone.

Well, on with the game. What a great game it was especially the last couple of minutes. You almost did it Girls and you did your best. I am so proud of you and proud to be a Longhorn Fan. Our seats were in the middle of the Chinook fans and they were very hospitable.

Everyone says, “There is always next year.” Yes there is but not for the lone senior on the team, Hanna Pimperton. You will be missed.

I enjoyed the half time performance of our Cheerleaders. You Girls are terrific. I do not know one foot from the other and to watch you doing that routine was a joy.  I have heard how many hours that you practice and it shows in the perfect performance. You do so much to make games more exciting. (I have to close my eyes when you throw one of your members in the air. That must have taken hours to practice.)

It seems as though I just put that large game schedule on my freezer and now I am taking it down. I was not able to attend any away games and I really enjoyed the home games.

I know that there are many residents who are over 90 years of age. I do not know many of them nor am I invited to their birthday parties. (Well, some of them have invitations in the River Press.)

Hal Webster happens to be an old friend of my late Sweetheart Wally. They were bound together by their participation in WWII. Hal was in the Navy and Wally in the Marine Corps. They had many conversations about WWII and Hal’s interest in Falconry.

Hal rented the Romain ranch for quite a few years. There came a time when his three sons and one daughter felt he needed to be taken care of and they moved him back to Colorado. He did not stay there long and returned to Fort Benton to reside at the Sunrise Bluffs.

Saturday was his 96th birthday and all of his sons and his daughter came to Fort Benton. A party was arranged at the Grand Union on Saturday evening. I was invited being a Marine by marriage.

I had one of Hal’s sons sitting on my left and one of his oldest friends on my right.  Most of the guests came from CO and I had an interesting conversation with most of them. People have such fantastic lives and we miss a lot by not knowing more about them.

They all seemed to know that I write the View from the Bridge and read it. That is why is I am reporting this party. I always tell people to watch what they are saying because it may be in next week’s River Press. (Actually, that is not true.  I always ask if I am going to use their name.)

All of Hal’s family and friends are looking forward to his 100th birthday. There will be a really big party in 2019 and I know there may even be fireworks at that party.

There were a few more attendees a week ago Monday evening at the Bingo game.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, more people will attend. It benefits the VFW so come to support their cause.

The first night I attended the Bingo game, I witnessed a “first time event.” One of the players, I can’t recall who it was, said Bingo when only five (5) numbers had been called. That was amazing.

At that last Bingo game, I sat with Nancy, Colleen and Kathy. I won the very first game and Colleen won once. Kathy kept saying that she was waiting for the Blackout game to win as she sat through 23 games without winning. The Blackout began and I do not watch what the other players are doing. If you cover all in 58 calls or less, your prize doubles. Kathy called Bingo in less than 58 and walked out with enough cash for about a week’s groceries. Just kidding!

The old-time players tell me that this game has happened before. Before the 11th game and the 10 minute break time, the caller picks a number that the machine produces. To win on the following games you must have that number on your card if you win a Bingo. It doubles your prize amount if it is the last number called when you shout Bingo.

During the break, players rummage through the cards to find one with that number on it.

In my mathematical mind I am thinking that there is a one in a million chance that would happen. I was informed that last year a woman hit that jackpot. I haven’t had a chance to ask her if I could use her name. She had to have an escort home because of the amount she won. Just joking.  As the Caller tells us, Bingo is a random game.
Please come and join us. Watch the River Press Community Calendar because the first Monday of March has something else going on. See you there.

How long does this go on? Fort Benton’s weather forecast reports that all next week will be cloudy and temps in the 40’s. No snow in sight. It will be 18 days to Daylight Savings Time and 25 days until spring. That sure cheers my day. Soon I will be able to sit on the front porch after supper and read the River Press. Come join me any time.

There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing, food, attractive people, and danger.