Tuesday, March 21, 2017

View From The Bridge 3/22/17

By Muncie

Last Thursday I picked up my River Press at the Post Office. As soon as I came through the door the phone was ringing. “Muncie, aren’t you going to write the View from the Bridge anymore?” Well that took the feeling of joy out of me thinking that I could no longer call myself a columnist. I had the paper in my hand and when I looked it said, View from the Bridge by Tim Burmeister.

It was too late to call Tim and I stewed over it all evening. (I actually knew it had to be an error.) I called him first thing on Friday morning and he answered the phone. “Am I fired Tim?” Of course it was an error but it was a good chance to rag Tim about it. I guess you are stuck with me for a while.

A most beautiful theme for Summer Celebration has been decided on by the committee. It is “FROM LOYALTY TO ROYALTY.” That is so meaningful that it makes my heart beat a little faster.

With only 8 days of March, 2 months of April and May, and 22 days of June to ponder through until the big day, we can think about the meaning. All dog lovers should have a great deal of meaning to the theme.

Talking about Summer Celebration reminds me to remind you that there will be a “Look-a-like Shep Contest.” A search all over the area is on for look-a-likes and the one chosen will be the Grand Marshall of the parade. Plan on bringing your look alike and it will be a hoot to choose the one you think looks most alike.

If you would like to know more about Shep and have a computer go to Dateline and view the documentary about Shep by Randy Morger. (It almost makes me want to get a dog.)

Spring was sprung on Monday and so far it looks as though March will go out like a lamb. It came in like a lion. Of course we cannot depend on Mother Nature. She changes her mind almost every day. (It is Sunday noon and my weather stations read 71 degrees. I’m out for a ride along the Missouri to chase the geese. I’ll bet they really miss Mickey.)
I enjoy Loma Days and I called Ma’s Cafe to check on the date. It will be on April 1st. Put it on your calendar and see you there.

There are only two more performances on the schedule for CCPA, Everything Fitz on April 3rd and the Piatigorsky Foundation Concert on May.

I have a story about the Fitz family. My daughter, Jennifer, was returning from a job in Minneapolis. She sat next to the daughter of the family who were coming for Consortium and they chatted. The young lady said that they were going to Great Falls and then to a small city nearby for a showcase. It was Fort Benton she was headed for and Jennifer said they she would most likely meet her mother Muncie. She gave the Fitz girl a picture of me for her cell phone.  Sure enough as I was coming in the front door the Fitz girl was walking by. She immediately called out to me. I knew nothing of this and when she told me how it happened I had another “Small World” for my story book.

I very often heard “Small World” stories at the Visitors Information Center and loved them. My favorite was the one Joan Albers told me. A man from England came to Great Falls to look for his father that he had never seen.  His mother remained in England after WWII. He found his father for a grand reunion after so many years. The father then brought his son to Fort Benton because he loved our little town. How great is that!

“Why is it that people say they sleep like a baby when babies wake up every 2 hours?”