Tuesday, October 21, 2014

View From The Bridge 10/22/14

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

A week from Friday will be an exciting day around town. An all-day event is being planned for Friday October 31st. It is being labeled “Creepy Crawl.” Every adult can go “Trick or Treating” to all businesses. For each business that you visit, you will add a leg to your Creepy Crawler. Trick or Treaters will then be eligible for great prizes.

I think this is a very exciting social event. No excuses such as, “I don’t go out at night” because it is all day during business hours. It will be a “coming out of your shell,” time. Enjoy a fun and great get-to-gather with your friends and neighbors. See you there.

These are strictly all my opinions and the way that I understood the meeting as a senior citizen. Michelle Turville who is Director of Community Development for Bear Paw Development Corporation was the speaker. She did a chart on the suggestions from the audience and will present the material to the Commissioners and City Council. There will be another public meeting and I will keep you posted.

The basic message from this meeting is if we are not moving forward, we move backward. If we do not upgrade our hospital, clinic, nursing home, and assisted living, our insurance rates may be raised.

There is presently a problem with a Medicare supplement insurance that many of us in Fort Benton carry. There were 10 counties cancelled because of low population. That was my question to Michelle about why we were being cancelled.

After the meeting a young man introduced himself to me. He is the new Director of Revenue at M.R.M.C. He basically handles insurance. He explained what was happening with my insurance being cancelled. Any questions you have can be directed to him.  Call the M.R.M.C. and ask for Bobby Garmon.

Jay Pottenger gave an explanation about the need to remodel the clinic and hospital.  I was sorry that more people were not there to hear it. I sat in front of the room and I did not look around. As far as I know there was no representation from the mayor, council people, presidents of organizations, (except Chamber of Commerce,) or businesses. I hope the next meeting includes all of them. This is the most important issue of any that the City of Fort Benton could be involved in. (It costs money and where do you get it, that should interest everyone.)

Questions like, “Do you think an up-to-date hospital will bring patients to Fort Benton?”  “Do you think that you would be more likely to use the hospital with better services than going to Great Falls?” It is up to you Folks! Either go forward or backward. Please show up at that next meeting. I’ll keep you posted.

The hospital issue was not the only subject that was brought up.  There were questions about sidewalks, streets, abandoned houses, an assisted living apartment building, and other very helpful suggestions. It was an excellent time to get your complaints out in the open. I hope that this information will help to interest you in coming to the next public meeting.

On Thursday October 23rd at 1:00 p.m. at the Golden Age Senior Center, there will be a representative who is an Independent Agent for Senior Health Care. Leslie Thompson will talk to the community about supplement insurance. This is just a notice in case you are really anxious about your supplement as I am. I am sure she can answer any of your questions.

Everyone is invited.

I would like to hear from the Widow’s in the community about having a “Tea” once a month. I am quite sure we could use the Golden Age Senior Center to meet for “Tea.” It would just be a get-to-get her, tea, conversation, and sharing. There would not be any obligation for dues or fund raising. Just a good old fashioned “High Tea Time,” with friends.                                                                                                  
Now that I am a widow and having been a care-taker for a while, it occurred to me how seldom I was able to visit with my friends. I promised a friend’s daughter last Summer Celebration that I would visit her mom. I just did it last week. We had a lot to share and I really enjoyed the visit.

Years ago my friend, Helen O’Hara, told me that there were 63 widows in Fort Benton.  She counted them from the phone book. I have no idea how many widows there are in Chouteau County. The possibility of a dozen or two widows showing up for tea is not impossible. Let me know if you see me around town what you think. Call me if you would like to chat or give me your opinion at 622-3217.