Tuesday, October 26, 2010

View From The Bridge 10/27/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
BY Muncie

I would like to clarify that although this program has been labeled “Veterans Photos,” it also encompasses all Servicemen and women’s photos. All conflicts carried on by force of arms (I do not like the word war,) are included. All young men and women that are in any way connected with armed services, who live in, have lived in, are related to anyone who lives in or has lived in Chouteau County, please send your photo with relevant information as soon as you possibly can.

The program has expanded since last week. In case you missed the article by Tim Burmeister about the supplement that is upcoming for Veterans Day, I will repeat. Tim will be using the photos and bios from the information that I have gathered for the supplement. We would like all the Veterans to be honored but we cannot do that if we do not know who you are. Please do it now, do not put it off another day. It is a very important part of Chouteau County history and it is up to you to be an important participant.

Of course, nothing moves fast enough for me because as I often say, “I would like to see it done in my lifetime.” I am however, very pleased at the response thus far. I have heard from Veterans from all over the country. I received photos and bios from the Ragland’s in Ohio, from Margaret Ritter in Great Falls about her husband, and from Darcy Morger Grovenstein’ three sons who are serving our country. I mention these because it shows they are faithful River Press readers as are all the rest of you. You know this can only be done in a small community and aren’t we the lucky ones.

Dig out those old photos and if you do not have one (several people have told me that they no longer have one,) then pass on your bio and we will do it up in a 5 x 7 frame. You will and should be included.

When I read your coaches write-ups about your games, I mistakenly omitted writing about you. It was not that I did not follow your progress. It was brought to my attention that I was neglecting you and I want to tell you that it was not intentional. I am so proud of the team and your spirit. I do know how hard you have worked and believe me; I am partial to girls in sports. You have to work twice as hard to attain your standings because of your strength being in the “female” category. I know that you are playing your best game and deserve recognition for your efforts. GO LADY LONGHORNS.

All of the above comments are for the Cheerleaders too. I see you out there, week after week, pumping up the crowd. You work together so smartly and you must

practice many hours to get your team doing the same motions at the same time. The best part is that you noticeably are enjoying every minute of it. GO CHEERLEADERS.

The game last week was the most exciting of the season. Those are the kind of games that we enjoy the most. Good job and we are looking forward to next Saturday for the first playoff game. We are still in suspense (Sunday evening) as to which team we are playing. We asked around but no one we talked to seemed to know yet. It will be a surprise. GO HORNS.

Adding to the excitement was “Seniors Night,” and we say so long to 11 Football Players and 4 Cheerleaders. You all will be off to college next year and you will then be Alumni. You will join the Booster Club and come to as many Fort Benton games as you can. You will be proud to say that you are a graduate of Fort Benton High School

We will miss you and wish you the best of luck. Keep in touch.

Last week was the last of the “10 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth!” Even if you adopted one of the things, it would be a step in the right direction. These kinds of programs seem to be, you do, or you don’t. May the dos be in the majority?

The Highway Cleanup was accomplished a week ago Tuesday by the Woman’s Club with the aid of the Girl Scouts. It was a remarkable sight to see these second graders working to improve the environment. There was interesting discussion as to why anyone would throw their trash, aluminum cans, and bottles out of the windows of their vehicles? Would you believe that three large bags were filled with aluminum cans?

The question came up as to what to do with glass bottles. I called the Environmental Department in Helena to seek an answer. The woman who answered my call said that the only place in the State of Montana that collects bottles at this time is Helena. She offered to come to Fort Benton and pick our bottles. I unfortunately had to tell her that at this time we have no collection place for them.

The Recycling Committee is working to find a building where recycling could begin in earnest. There is much to be done and so little time that people have to spare. Another meeting of the Committee is being planned and the time and place will be passed on in this column.

Talking about recycling…do not forget this coming weekend and the weekend after that is the Fall Cleanup. Check the River Press for the schedule and get rid of all that unwanted clutter.

This River Press will be dated Wednesday October 27, 2010. The following Tuesday will be Voting Day and there are very important issues on the ballad. A news report said that absentee ballads were down and the reason is not known. If you have not voted with an absentee ballad, then be sure to get to the polls next Tuesday.

Late this afternoon I walked over to the Grand Union to say hello to a friend that I thought I knew. I knew him as a very pleasant person to talk to, a “Trolley Man” who gave rides just for the joy of it, a man who knows the history of Fort Benton as well as any historian, and a long time resident of our town.

Well, much to my surprise I learned that the man, who loves music and is not a musician, handcrafts stringed instruments. No one taught him…he is self-taught by ordering parts from a catalog and reading directions. It takes the patience of a saint and a knowledge of wood. He said that because he did not play an instrument, he wanted to make instruments for people to play. He succeeded.

His very talented daughter Gail is a music teacher. She played the harp with the accompaniment of her husband and another young woman. I could have listened to them for hours. Gail showed off many of the instruments and there were many. If you ever have the opportunity to talk with Wayne Hampton…take advantage of it. You may even get an invitation to visit.

Are you ready for Trick or Treaters? I think these little goblins have it easy these days. We actually had to do some sort of Trick which could be a poem, song or dance before we got a Treat. I still enjoy seeing some of the clever costumes and the excitement that is the Halloween happening.

Are you ready for Day Savings Time to “fall back” on November 7th? Is it my imagination or does it spring ahead and fall back earlier and later every year? Do you love or hate it?

GOD BLESS AMERICA and all those serving our country.