Wednesday, April 25, 2018

View From The Bridge

Muncie Morger

You know that it is spring when The Freeze is open. I have not been able to reach Laurie but heard on the grapevine that you can look forward to it happening the first weekend in May. It  is the meeting place of Fort Benton. It is so summer-like when the umbrellas are open and the tables are filled with people cooling off or having lunch. It doesn’t hurt to stop by for an ice cream cone.

Over last weekend I rode my GoGo down the Levee Walking Trail and met many visitors. I also saw two young women with looked like what were double strollers on a walk. I talked to several visitors who chose that beautiful Sunday to spend with their families in historic places. They had just been up to Havre as a destination place that included Fort Benton.

Another Spring-like happening was a crowded playground. I tooted the horn and waved and my wave was returned. It was again another family outing. I love the slide best of all and when I used to take my grandson, Grayson, to the park it was not unusual to see me sliding down.

Last but not least were the happy gardeners that were busy cleaning up the Community Garden. They were having a difficult time because the wind was blowing the leaves as fast as they were trying to rake them up. I really enjoyed the garden last year and look forward to see if different kinds of veggies are planted. Go gardeners.

To the mystery hollow tree decorator I have a message. My Peter Rabbit is going into retirement this coming weekend and spring will be featured. Are you ready for that or will you do as you did for Valentine’s and St. Patty’s day? I am ready and the mystery goes on. I still think that it is a Community Garden person. Remember that I am offering a reward if anyone admits to or knows any information.

On Wednesday May 2nd from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. there will be a community conversation program. It will be about the Upper Missouri River Heritage Area. If you want to put in your two cents worth, please be there to share  your opinion. It will be similar to a Town Hall Meeting. It would be impressive if there was a huge crowd at this event. So come on down to the Ag Museum to enjoy refreshments at 5:30 p.m. and the start of the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

It will be here before you know it and I am going to nag the community again about putting up an American Flag. It is a sign of love of country and is so important at this time to let every one know how Americans feel about their heritage and their country.

I could not fly my flag several times in the last few months because of the wind. It came in and out of the apartment because you do not have to fly the flag in inclement weather. I leave my porch light on all the time so I do not forget to turn it on in the evening. It lights up the porch very well and it makes me proud to see it waving in soft breezes.

So get on down to the hardware store and get yourself a flag. If some of the women cannot put the bracket up, just let me know and I will arrange to it taken care of, and your flag will be up and flying quickly. My flag is a constant reminder of all of those who have died to defend our country. The least we can do is to put up a flag.

We are not getting along very well on this second try to do the View. We are both stubborn and want to do it our way. Of course guess who is the winner. It isn’t me! Therefore there have been many phone calls for help. Thanks to Connie, Sharalee, and Bethany, who are being very patient with me in learning this blanket, blank, computer who will not give in. I may beat it into oblivion by next week.