Tuesday, January 21, 2014

View From The Bridge 1/22/14

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I am not the only one who counts days about the weather.  The Weatherman on Channel KRTV reeled off a set of numbers about how many days until this or that would happen.  He counted off to the start of spring, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day that I remember.  In his opinion, Memorial Day was the beginning of the spring season.  I agree because by that time it is warm, leaves are on the trees, and flowers are beginning to grow.

I do not remember hearing him mention the date of daylight savings time.  The date is March the 9th and that is 7 weeks away.  No kidding!  In my world, I have already had enough of that white fluffy stuff and mostly with that frozen water called ice.  For those of you who have fallen this winter, you have my complete sympathy.  It is my biggest fear.  I can adjust to the cold but the caution that I must pay attention to is over whelming.

I saw the most beautiful sunset on Saturday evening last that cheered up my whole weekend.  I happened to be up on top, (on the highway,) when the sun was setting.  Living down in this valley, we Fort Bentonites do not totally enjoy seeing the sunrise and sunset.

Another nature blessing came last week on the 15th when the moon was full.  Its light shining through our windows is a thrill. (Somewhere I heard or read that this month’s full moon was called the “Wolf Moon.”  I know of the Harvest Moon and the Blue Moon but Wolf Moon? I think I’ll check out the inter-net sometime soon unless I hear from one of you readers.

There are several raffle ticket sales going around town.  I hope that you will try to support them.  The first has been going on for about a year and a half.  It is sponsored by the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Montana.  I will refresh your memory by reminding you that our own Nancy Hanford is president of this organization.  She had to come up with a fun raising project as president and her project was to raise $10,000.00 for the Talking Books Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Montana.  It is a very worthy cause and rates your support.

Our own Donna Albers made the most beautiful quilt I have every seen and it is up for raffle.  The ticket will be drawn in May and that gives you an opportunity to purchase a ticket.  Most of the members of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Fort Benton have tickets to sell.  Please be generous to this very worthy cause.

The second raffle project is for a memorial, yet to be designed, for Billy Swensgard.  Billy was the only young man from Fort Benton who was killed in Vietnam.  If you remember, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars worked hand in hand to arrange for the Vietnam Wall to come to Fort Benton.  The raffle was planned to help with the expenses of the project.  The whole project was given up when the Committee was informed that Great Falls was bringing the wall to their city the week after our planned week.  We could not compete with Great Falls in this endeavor and we cancelled our plans.

The committee had already received an American Flag that had flown over the Capitol on Veterans Day last November, a beautiful red and blue quilt, and two fabulous wreaths.  There will be posters around town soon with pictures of the flag, quilt and wreathes for your viewing.  There will also be phones numbers to call or places where you can purchase tickets for these items.  Please be as generous to this very worthy cause as you were to the Talking Books raffle tickets.

Our town will have quite a few visitors this weekend.  The Showcases begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning so do not be late.  The artists will be arriving on Thursday and Friday so if you see any of them, give a big Fort Benton Welcome.

On Friday Pie Day I walked from the Senior Center to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  The County Shoppe was open, (as it is every day,) and I stopped in to say hello.  The “Rock Lady,” was putting in her one day a week shift and she gave me a grand tour.  There are some new artists participating, their work, and the work of all of the other artists are captivating displays of different kinds of art.  Do stop in and visit soon.  If you are looking for very special items for birthday, anniversary, or wedding gifts, you will have found the place.  After you have visited, you can tell your family and friends about what a wonderful little corner of the world you have found.

Q.    What is the deepest natural lake in Montana?  A.  Below


A.  Tally Lake near Whitefish is 500 ft. deep.  Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is about 470 feet deep, and Flathead Lake is 390 ft. deep.