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View From The Bridge 2/21/18

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

It is late Saturday afternoon and I just got the word that the Longhorn Girls Basketball Team won the district championship over Box Elder 52 to 51. It is not good luck but hard determination on the part of the team.  I am upset that I wasn’t there and blame it on the weather. I know there were fans that drove to Havre for three days, but when I heard on the news to stay off the roads unless it was an emergency, I stayed home.

I can picture in my mind over and over, that hard fought game and that very last basket that won the game. Actually, I do not know how I could have handled those few moments at my age. I have seen many basketball games over the years and many were thrilling. However, that final game last Saturday takes all.

Congratulations Fort Benton Longhorn Girls and we love you for what you have done for our town. You made the possible happen and it has inspired all of your fans. Now on to Divisional this coming week in Great Falls. There is no more snow forecast and it will just be extremely cold. See you there.

The sad part about last Tuesdays Chouteau County Performing Arts program was that more people could not be there because of the snow storm. It was, without a doubt, the best show that has ever been presented. The Phat Pack, pronounced Fat Pack, a name I will explain later, was a Las Vegas show. You would have paid big bucks to see them there. If you had a CCPA seasons ticket the cost was just a tad over $5.00.

The pianist, Philip Fortenberry, has appeared in Fort Benton several times. One appearance was just his piano playing. In Vegas, he teamed up with the three singers and the group was formed. Every song they sang and every story they told made you feel that you wanted them to go on and on. They were awesome.

Because the name of their Las Vegas show is “Phantom: Las Vegas Spectacular,” they chose the Ph and at to mimic Frank Sinatra’s gang the Rat Pack. Do you remember that group?

They sang Broadway tunes and a favorite song from the Phantom of the Opera. Since I get a ride to the Elementary School early, I was sitting in my seat 45 minutes early. Philip was practicing and I asked him to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for me. He did and it was a tear jerker. It will always be a treasured memory.

I was also able to attend the students show at 1:30 p.m. The Phat Pack sang a song about “Dreams” and told about their dreams and how they became what they are today. They all came from small rural towns and ended up in big cities like Vegas and New York because they followed their dreams. They encouraged the audience to follow their dreams no matter what. Most of the show was questions and answers about the dreams of the students.

I hope that the Phat Pack return someday when our town is not covered with snow. I would love them to see the Missouri flowing quietly, green grass, leaves on the trees, our beautiful park, our historic buildings open, and our wonderful walking trail. (I think we would all like to see that right now. Oh well, just think, winter is half over.)

Isn’t it amazing to watch the weather patterns? I have been here for 25 years and have never see this much snow in Fort Benton. The most I remember is about 8 in. Randy tells me that on the 24th of this month, we will not have seen ground for 2 months. It began snowing on December 24th and has not stopped since.  What I feel bad about is that I am missing the basketball district tournaments in Havre.  I know some brave souls have gone the last couple of days but we were asked on TV to stay off the roads.

Many of the old timers who have lived there all of their lives can tell some very interesting stories about weather here when they were kids.  One that Wally, (my late husband,) told me was when the temperature dropped 80 degrees in a few hours. The Missouri drove so smooth that they could ice skate on it. What fun that must have been.

I wonder what ever happened to the ice skating rink that was here when I moved to town. If there is a rink, would someone let me know?

By popular demand there will be another Pinhole card party at the Sunrise Bluffs. On Monday the 5th of March at 1:00 p.m. the festivities will begin. This card party has grown into a very popular event. The organizers are inviting you a couple of weeks ahead of time so put it on your calendars. The weather should have broken by then and it will be wonderful to get out doing a little socializing. I have heard from many that they are tired of being cooped up and have cabin fever.

On Friday, the 23rd, the Humana Insurance man, Bill Thompson, will be there to bring a birthday cake for the Senior Citizens to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries on Sunday the 25th. His company is giving the Golden Age the cake.

He also will answer any of your questions and will listen to your comments or concerns.

Try to make it on Friday and return on Sunday to enjoy February birthdays and anniversaries. Our Golden Age Senior Center is so special. It is the only one in the area that serves dinner every day of the week. If you are not a member and new in town, please join us. You will be most welcome. (Just mention my name because the more members I get the better chance I have to win the trip to Hawaii.  (just kidding!)

There is always an event going on and you can relax and enjoy yourself. There is always a puzzle being worked on, a card game often, a great dinner at a reasonable price, coffee in the morning, mostly breakfast at noon on Saturdays with fresh baked cinnamon rolls once a month, a piano you can play, and a TV you can watch. What more can you ask?


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