Tuesday, August 28, 2018

View From The Bridge 8/29/18

By Muncie

Where did summer go? We only have a few days left in August before we welcome September. Fall has taken over with the cool evenings and hopefully the 90 and 100 degree days are gone. There are trees in the Old Fort Park are turning yellow or have already done so.

I had “cabin fever” when I could not leave the apartment for two weeks because it was too hot. My air conditioning felt so good after years of being without it.

This brings on thoughts of “what kind of winter are we going to have” Does anyone want to predict. I would just like to say that I hope it is not a repeat of last winter. You all agree I am sure.

Hurray! Tuesday night dinners will return on the third Tuesday the 18th of September. There is a limit of 48 seats and you must call in for a reservation at 622-3601. If you frequent the Center you can sign up at the desk.

There will be an increase in the cost of the dinner this coming season. It will be a $7.00 charge. (You could not get a dinner like Betty’s talents as a cook anywhere in the world for that price.) Pass along to your family and friends about this pleasant evening at the Center. It is a wonderful time to have a get-together that has been put off during the hot summer days and nights. I would like to see all 48 seats being occupied. See you there.

Last Thursday the Levee was pleasantly occupied with fourteen artists. The group chose Fort Benton because of its beautiful scenery (and we certainly do have it.) It was a special time and many enjoyed strolling along the Walking Trail to view and chat. On Friday they headed to Virgelle to spend the day. There was a reception and silent auction at the Grand Union on Saturday evening. Champagne and finger food was served and guests could view and bid on the paintings. A good time was had by all and we look forward to their return next year.
I bid on a painting that meant a lot to me, as an early Christmas present to myself. It was a picture of the Old Fire House, with some of the rip-rap showing on the Levee, and the Missouri River. Those three things hold a special place in my heart and memory. The artist was a woman from Red Lodge and she invited me to visit her there. I am sure this will turn out to be a small world story.

With the Labor Day holiday comes the closing of the Visitor Information Center. The Museums will be open until the last Sunday in September, so you still have time to take visitors and family to see the best Museums in Montana. Take my word for it. Just one of those buildings would be worth a trip to Fort Benton. My favorite is the Scriver bronzes in the Art Gallery in Old Fort Benton. If you love history you will be over whelmed at what you learn.

Checking with the Police department I found that it was a very light year for rattlers. Only three reports were made. Two were found on the Levee and one was in a family yard. No one was bitten. Perhaps it was too hot for the snakes too. They should be returning to their dens soon but still be on the lookout. Please, if you see any snake at all call 911 and do not attempt to do anything yourself. It would not be fun to be treated for a snake bite.

Oh, by the way, since one was found in a back yard, would parents please check your yards before you send Kiddos out to play.

This goes for those of you who walk. Don’t day dream along the Levee Walking Trail. Pay attention to your surroundings. It is too easy to get enthralled by the beauty of the Missouri, the Bluffs, and the other beauties of Fort Benton and miss seeing those crawly creatures.

On October 1st Bingo games will begin at the Club House hosted by the VFW. The days have been changed back to the original 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

Another good piece of news is that the Billings VFW is no longer going to sponsor Bingo and have given all of their equipment to Fort Benton. For people with impaired vision, like me, there will be larger print cards available. Those of you who stayed away because they could not read their cards, now is your chance to do a big comeback. Put these dates on your calendar and see you there.


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